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Tri-lingual freelance travel writer and photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Traveled extensively over the last 35+ years from Europe to Africa and the Americas. His web site focus on history and travel stories. 

Long-Form articles are dedicated to research papers about the Maya, past and present, as well as other cultures and topics. In the Portfolio page of are his own photos of 55 pre-Columbian archaeological sites in Mesoamerica, taken over his years of travel; more are uploaded.

Four of George stories are found online in – “ The Totora Reed Raft of Peru ”, “ The Day of the Dead in Mexico ”, “ The Grand Bahama Sand Bar ”, and “ Palenque and its World ”. The story “ If You Are Lucky You Will See The Snake On the Equinox ”, on the Kukulcán pyramid at Chichén Itzà, appeared in

Fellow of the Institute of Maya Studies, the Royal Geographical Society, London, UK, and member in good standing of the Maya Exploration Center Austin, TX. Detailed bio may be found in the “ About George” page in and

Contact: George Fery – [email protected]


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