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lost tribes

Moses and Joshua in the Tabernacle, wearing the breastplate by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, (1836-1902) Jewish Museum, New York (Public Domain)

The Israelites’ Lost Urim And Tummim, Divine Divination Of Yahweh

The story of the settlement of the Israelite tribes in the Promised Land has long been the subject of controversy among scholars. Moreover, the narrative of the Book of Judges has been regarded as...
Representational AI generated image of Sambation River. Source: Tech Hendra / Adobe Stock

The Legend of Sambation River and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Deep within the realms of ancient Jewish folklore lies a tale of intrigue and mystery surrounding the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and their elusive barrier, the Sambation River. This mythical...
Sculpting The Geological, Archaeological And Cultural Landscape Of Papua New Guinea

Sculpting The Geological, Archaeological And Cultural Landscape Of Papua New Guinea

The sculpturing of the geography of Papua New Guinea did not end with the eruption of the volcanos. In their wake basins and valleys formed, where people settled, thousands of years ago. A large...
Ezekiel’s vision The Valley of Dry Bones: loswl / CC BY-SA 2.0 .

Seeking The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel, Finding DNA

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have been considered lost for over 3,000 years, but recent evidence demonstrates that they were not lost, they had merely been scattered around the world and had...
The Ba’Aka pygmies are on the brink of extinction.

Hidden in History, Exposed to Modern Epidemics, the Lost Tribe of Ba’Aka Pygmies May Face Extinction

Deep in the rain forests of darkest Africa close to the Equator, in the Central African Republic, the Ba’Aka tribe – formerly known as pygmies - have lived for more than 40,000 years. Elusive, hiding...