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The meteorite that crashed through a car in Benld, Illinois. (GNU Free Documentation License).

The Tiny Meteorite That Crashed Through a Car (Video)

In a small town in Benld, Illinois , an extraordinary event took place on September 29th, 1938. Ed McCain made a fascinating discovery when he found a hole in the seat of his parked Pontiac. Assuming...
Cahokia figurine. (Public Domain) Background: Close up of colorful gem glass corn on cob. (Picture Partners) Cahokia was an ancient metropolis that grew as its people cultivated corn.

North America’s Ancient Metropolis Cahokia Was Built On Corn

Corn cultivation spread from Mesoamerica to what is now the American Southwest by about 4000 BC, but how and when the crop made it to other parts of North America is still a subject of debate. In a...
Computer science graduate student and project manager Cameron Merrill explores a virtual archaeology cave excavation experience he helped create. Source: Fred Zwicky / University of Illinois

Virtual Reality Game Redefines Archaeology Education

Before they can get started at their field site -- a giant cave studded with stalactites, stalagmites and human artifacts -- 15 undergraduate students must figure out how to use their virtual hands...
Ancient Poop Busts Myth of Lost Cahokia Tribe

Ancient Poop Busts Myth of Lost Cahokia Tribe

A University of California, Berkeley, archaeologist has dug up ancient human feces, among other demographic clues, to challenge the narrative around the legendary demise of Cahokia , North America's...
Tully Monster swimming in the ocean

The ‘Mysterious’ Tully Monster Fossil Just Got More Mysterious

By Chris Rogers / The Conversation Every now and again, scientists discover fossils that are so bizarre they defy classification, their body make-up is unlike any other living animals or plants...
Pictures posted on online of the vandals who damaged the Council Overhang cavern in Starved Rock Park in Illinois over the Labor Day holiday. Source: Daily Mail / Fair Use.

Hunt for Vandals Who Defaced Ancient Rock Formation

Authorities in the US state of Illinois are searching for two vandals who defaced a 450-million-year-old rock formation at Starved Rock State Park , which was a sacred Native American gathering place...
Hopewell Platform Frog Effigy Pipe

The Liverpool Mounds in Illinois: Part 1 - Rediscovering Hopewell Ritual and Meaning

“Archaeology seeks to explain the inner workings of cultures in which even baked clay jars were animated with their particular spirits. But, until as archaeologists we develop more than a little...
An illustration of North America's first city, Cahokia.

The Rise and Fall of Cahokia: Did Megafloods Spell the End of the Ancient Metropolis?

The mysterious demise of the ancient city of Cahokia has long remained unexplained, but now research suggests catastrophic megafloods may have devastated crops and food stores, and forced residents...
Ancient Cahokia Mounds

Cahokia: The Largest Mississippian Archaeological Site on the North American Continent

From about 700 to 1400 CE, Cahokia flourished as one of the greatest cities in the world. The complex society at Cahokia prospered in the fertile lands off of the Mississippi River (situated across...
Ceremonial Road in the Ancient City of Cahokia

Ceremonial Road Discovered in the Ancient City of Cahokia

A new study published in the Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology has revealed the presence of a major ceremonial road running through the heart of Cahokia, according to a new report in Western Digs...
Great City of Cahokia

Scientists seek answers for the abandonment of the Great City of Cahokia

The ancient Native American city of Cahokia, located is Collinsville, Illinois, is known to have been one of the most sophisticated pre-Columbian settlements north of Mexico. At its peak, it was home...
Ancient Cahokia Mounds

Ancient Cahokia Mounds on their way to national historic park designation

Efforts are underway to urge Congress to designate the Cahokia Mounds , and similar sites in St. Louis, Illinois, as a national historic park or a national monument, which would give the ancient...