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Chickasaw Nation Video Network

Chickasaw Nation Video Network

The Chickasaw Nation Video Network , , is an online video-rich resource created to increase awareness of the culture, legacy and continuing contributions of the Chickasaw people. The engaging, high-quality content is available on all devices and platforms with a user-friendly experience. is where the Chickasaw Nation’s past and present come together. Hundreds of interviews with tribal officials, community leaders and elders were conducted to create over 1,500 videos of in-depth profiles and stories available at Tribal historians and anthropologists complete the picture, putting the story of the Chickasaw people into perspective by connecting the relationships between scholarly research, oral history and today’s thriving Chickasaw Nation. features an interactive and informational History section. This educational tool brings to life the ancestors and historical events that shaped the Chickasaws’ past as well as the people who are dedicating their lives to preserving the Chickasaw cultural legacy for future generations.

The journey into the Chickasaw Nation’s past begins with the history timeline —which spans from the tribe’s roots in prehistory to its present-day existence and vividly documents the life and times of the Chickasaw people. The Prehistory era of the timeline offers information and videos about how Chickasaw ancestors migrated to their homelands, their clan societies and the evolution of mound building.

The ancient sites that define the Chickasaw Nation and characterize the cultural landscape of the Chickasaw people are available to explore in the Destination section. High-definition videos and aerial footage highlights the most significant locales and ancestral landmarks in Chickasaw history, such as Moundville, Cahokia and the original Chickasaw settlement in Mississippi.

In addition to History, features programming about the Culture, Language, and  People of the Chickasaw Nation. is not only for Chickasaws—it is for everyone who would like to become better acquainted with the history and thriving culture of the Chickasaw Nation. This deep well of information and news is constantly updated with stories about the Chickasaw Nation and the Native American community. To learn more about the Chickasaw Nation, their history and impactful present, visit


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