Miraculous draught of fish Peter Paul Rubens (1610) Wallraf Richards Museum, Köln (Public Domain)

Astrology In The Bible: Jesus The Fisher King


The Old and New Testaments are often portrayed as being written in isolation, and bearing little or no connection to the beliefs that preceded them. But this view is unlikely in the extreme, as the Israelites were resident in Egypt for many centuries prior to the claimed Exodus and are likely to have been highly influenced by the Egyptian monotheism of Pharaoh Akhenaton. It is well known, for instance, that Proverbs 22 comes from the Instructions of Amenemopet , (composed most likely during the Ramesside Period circa 1300–1075 BC) while elements of the Sermon on the Mount come from Maxims of Ani (an ancient Egyptian text written in the style of wisdom literature which is thought to have been composed in the Eighteenth Dynasty). There are many other such examples of Egyptian influence in the Bible.

Hieratic ostracon with the beginning of "The Wisdom of Amenemope", dated to 525–404 BC. Metropolitan Museum of Art (CC0)

Hieratic ostracon with the beginning of "The Wisdom of Amenemope", dated to 525–404 BC. Metropolitan Museum of Art ( CC0)

There is a possibility that Egyptian astrology was once a central component within the two primary Judaic religions, Judaism and Christianity, but that it has been obscured from popular view by subsequent transcriptions, translations and deliberate obfuscation of the original text. Indeed, the evidence that follows also suggests that the astrological foundations of some secular symbolism may likewise have been lost to mainstream historical understanding.

The figures represented in the Dendera Zodiac correspond to the traditional zodiacal signs ( CC BY 4.0 )

The figures represented in the Dendera Zodiac correspond to the traditional zodiacal signs (  CC BY 4.0  )

Precessional Astrology

An orthodox Christian education may be quite confident that the Bible contains no information or veneration of 'heretical' beliefs like astrology whatsoever. In fact, surely astrology is Pagan and idolatrous and the complete antithesis of Judaism and Christianity? While this may be a widely held view among the general public it is simply not true, and it may come as a bit of a shock to learn that astrology was originally a central component within Judeo-Christian society and beliefs. While many references to the heavens can be found in the Tanakh and Gospels – including the Jewish good luck greeting of mazel tov , which is more accurately translated as 'good constellation' – references to astrology and the zodiac appear to be entirely absent. It is only when one looks deeper into these sometimes incomprehensible texts that one finds references to astrology; but this is not the daily astrology found in modern magazines, rather a study and veneration of millennial astrology.


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 This article was extracted from Ralph Ellis’  books: Cleopatra to Christ , King Jesus , Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange , Jesus, King of Edessa

Ralph Ellis was trained in surveying and computer science. He has been touring the Mediterranean and researching Egyptian and biblical history for over 40 years, and his comparisons between the two have greatly assisted our understanding of biblical history. He has written 13 books, including King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot (2008) and Jesus, King of Edessa: Jesus discovered in the historical record (2014)

Top Image : Miraculous draught of fish Peter Paul Rubens (1610) Wallraf Richards Museum, Köln ( Public Domain )

By Ralph Ellis


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This site has a lovely gallery and posted on it are a few zodiac images.

This one is from a book of miniture paintings. A book of time. 

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When I was young I gave thought to this spiritual region of the World. From New Zealand I wondered why some of the stories and messages were so strong. At the time someone said that the real good messages survive. I realised that from the records set in stone the 12 zodiac signs were anatomical positions of the body. Each iconic symbol represented the anatomical position. The tail of the fish feature connects to the feet. The sagittarius transitions into the thighs to the horns on the ram connecting to the head. 

I was shown the Earth zodiac and how this region of the World expressed this also. The sphinx is rather obvious and connects to the heartland represented by the lion. Also jumping out is that traditionally Israel was known as the land of Virgo, a message accepting global anatomy. When you look into the twelve zones around the equator many obvious other connections speak. The heads of Easter Island, the mid lion-tail position of the Merlion. The breast region of Stonecircles, the balancing scales of Karma the Buddha, Krisna…..

I look at the circular zodiac and see the zodiac is rotating in the opposite direction to what it should be. Is this an error or is it perhaps the Earth representing the changes in terrestrial lifes anatomical variations 

Hi All,

The Biblical Text once in The Bible was removed first by the Vatican then kept out by The Reformation Movement.

These particular Sacred Text Today aren't considered Inspirational Truth (which begs the question did God give Man permission to mess with The Holy Scriptures?) since managing too Read Books Such as Enoch an Jubilees I've learned quite a bit.

Astronomy an Astrology is mentioned in Enoch 1 The Book of The Watcher's an Enoch 2 The Book of The Secret's of Enoch.

One can simply go to Google & search for Hidden Bible Enoch 1 The Book of The Watcher's one should see 6 Chapter's are made available for one too Read (most exciting part for me is the description of God's Country), then when Reading is Complete if one wishes to know more about what Enoch saw & experienced Read Enoch 2 The Book of Secret's of Enoch.

I'm somewhat learning about The Epic of Gilgamesh it's reportedly the oldest Poem to date. An as I understand of The Book's of Enoch they are said to be older than even The Epic of Gilgamesh.

As I've said know one in the Church other than myself see's Enoch or Jubilees as Relevant to The Inspirational Truths of The Bible.

This is where I'll leave this poignant discussion for now so until next discussion Everyone, Goodbye!

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