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Kenneth Gutwein

Dr. Kenneth C. Gutwein is a noted scholar of Near Eastern Archaeology and History. He has spent a decade in the Middle East interpreting the remains of the long-lost civilizations of the Negev Desert in Israel. From the Nabateans to the Byzantines, he has tracked both trade routes and religion in the ancient world. His books, such as Third Palestine: A Regional Study in Byzantine Urbanization , have been internationally acclaimed by a wide audience of readers. In addition, he has written articles on the ancient town of Subeita, Queen Salome Alexandra, and the Bar Kochba Rebellion.


As a Professor Emeritus of History and Philosophy at SUNY College at Old Westbury for many years, he has taught popular courses such as Homer’s Iliad, The Rise of Reason, and Ancient Roman History. Having earned degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Archaeology and New York University in Near Eastern Languages and Literature, Professor Gutwein was involved in the excavation of Tel Dan in Northern Israel, and the translation of the Byzantine Nessana Papyri.


Professor Gutwein has also been the recipient of numerous awards and honors such as the Unsung Heroes in Education Award, the AHA Historical Book Award, and NEH Fellowships to Germany and Japan. He enjoys racing vintage automobiles, flying radio-controlled model airplanes, and jet skiing. He lives in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY with his partner.


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South Church of Subeita (Felix Tchvertkin / Adobe Stock)

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