The Royal Lineage Of Jesus, Descendant Of Cleopatra

The Royal Lineage Of Jesus, Descendant Of Cleopatra


The simplistic story of the life of Jesus, as it is presented in the New Testament accounts, is well known. He was supposedly a poor carpenter born in a stable, a  disadvantaged child  who rose to become a great leader and teacher. However, there is more than enough evidence within the Gospels and Talmud to demonstrate that Jesus’ family were actually wealthy, educated and influential characters within Judaean society. But since these texts have obviously been manipulated and amended, one must look beyond this deliberate obfuscation to uncover the truth.

Revisiting Historical Jesus

The first thing to note is that Jesus himself was not a carpenter but a  tekton or an ‘architect’. In fact, in the Greek an  archo-tekton can refer to a Master Mason, and so Jesus' trade probably refers more to the speculative side of the Masonic Craft than the construction profession. Which is why the ‘Raising of Lazarus’ is exactly the same as a Masonic Third Degree initiation. So, Jesus was a Mason, from a Judaean Lodge.

The romanticized woodcut engraving of Flavius Josephus appearing in William Whiston's translation of his works. (Public Domain)

The romanticized woodcut engraving of Flavius Josephus appearing in William Whiston's translation of his works. ( Public Domain )

Reading further, one finds that Jesus was visited by the three of the Persian Magi priesthood; he received a good education in Egypt, at a time when the majority of the population were illiterate; his friends, Zacharias and Nicodemus, were very rich; while another supporter, Joanna, was the wife of Herod’s vizier or prime minister. By carefully reading the accounts of Josephus Flavius and aligning the biblical Jesus with his Jesus of Gamala, one can conclude that Jesus was governor of Tiberias, owned a castle in that region, and controlled a private militia some 600 strong.

More perhaps important than all of this, it is said that Jesus’ birth was deemed by King  Herod to be a threat to his royal lineage, forcing him to apparently kill all the male infants in the region in order to eradicate this threat to his monarchy – and this was a real event or a wild rumor that clearly demonstrates that Jesus was a prince of some influence within Judaean society. King Herod would not have been fearful of a poor carpenter, but he would have been fearful of a well-connected prince who was a pretender to the throne of Judaea. In fact, the mocking claim of Jesus to be the ‘King of the Jews’ was no mockery at all, for he was indeed a legitimate pretender to many of the thrones of the Middle East.


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Article based upon an excerpt from Ralph Ellis ‘  Cleopatra to Christ: Jesus: the great-grandson of Cleopatra. (King Jesus Trilogy) (Volume 1)  2006. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Ralph Ellis  was trained in surveying and computer science. He has been touring the Mediterranean and researching Egyptian and biblical history for over 40 years, and his comparisons between the two have greatly assisted our understanding of biblical history. He has written 13 books, including  King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot  (2008) and  Jesus, King of Edessa: Jesus discovered in the historical record  (2014)

Top Image Ecce homo, Behold The Man by Antonio Ciseri (1880) ( Public Domain )

By Ralph Ellis


Josephus is selectively quoted as an original source when it suits the narrative of some historians, but disparaged if what he tells does not suit them. He is a valuable source, and consistently objective, even when it calls into question some decisions he made in his personal life which were to his own advantage, and which many writers would conceal to protect their image. He was a person of some influence and power but eventually went over to the Roman side after their victory, lived in Rome, and enjoyed comfort and influence with Vespasian and Titus, and emperors after them, which is why some historians condemn him.

As far as the stories about Jesus’ origin and life, there isn’t much known except for a few years prior to his execution. Everything is speculation, so anything can be said, but being Cleopatra’s grandson is a little over the top. Cleopatra had four children, Caesarion by Caesar who was murdered after Cleopatra died and the other three by Antony were taken to Rome by Octavian. They lived well, raised by Octavian’s sister Octavia, but the twin boys died without any reference in any records which have survived, and the daughter named Cleopatra was married to an African king Juba II of Namibia. Octavian (by then known as Augustus) provided a dowry, and Namibia became an ally of Rome.

Hi All,

All I have too say about The Saviour is what Christ told Ponitus Pilate upon hearing from the enraged crowd demanding Christ be Crucified claiming to be The Son of God; Pilate demanded too know if it were true, Jesus told him "My Kingdom is not of this World", and so with those Words spoken by Christ tells me Jesus came not from Egypt for Jesus' Kingdom, Jesus' Home is not of this World.

Cleopatra was dead by the Time Jesus was born in Bethlehem Ptolemy Dynasty was gone. Oh an a side note in 1995-1998, I watched a Scholarly Documentary Series Mysteries of The Bible; one of the segments dealt with The Final Stand against Rome Josephus apparently was a witness too this event anyway three different Jewish Historians and Academics compared Josephus to that as an Used Car Salesman the truly bad kind of car dealer and actually stated one can't take Josephus Word for Truth.

Hey I'm only sharing what the Jewish Historians pointed out in Mysteries of The Bible Series if anyone's interested they are all on ytube even bits of The Book of Enoch.

So this is all I wished to share with Everybody and so until next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

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