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The Israeli Druze are a religious minority in Israel who live in the north of the country.

Who are the Druze and How Might the Shroud of Turin Relate Them to Jesus Christ?

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The Druze are a secretive surviving Gnostic community in the Middle East today who publicly claim homogeneity with Islam due to a historical fear of persecution. In truth, they have nothing in common with Islam and do not believe or practice any of the pillars of Islam or worship any of the Islamic figures revered by both prominent sects of Islam, The Sunnites, and/or The Shiites.

Who Are The Druze?

The Druze do not practice polygamy, pilgrimage to Mecca, fasting during Ramadan or any other holy month or period, prayer in churches, mosques or any form of ritualistic behavior historically or currently practiced by both Christians or Muslims.

The Druze texts are referred to as 'The Hikma Texts' and they are forbidden even from most of the Druze themselves if they're not initiated (ready to receive the knowledge). El-Hikma is the Arabic term for 'wisdom' and the Druze scriptures include material from Ancient Hermeticism, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancient Gnostic Judaism, Christianity, and Sufi Islam.

The Druze were historically forced to assume homogeneity with their Muslim counterparts in the Middle East (amidst a sea of Islam) in fear of persecution due to their controversial doctrines and because they strategically have no other choice, especially that they are not open to conversion (no one who is not born to a Druze parents can ever become Druze) which render them a minority community with its population on the decline.

Unlike the Sunni(s) in The Levant who have Saudi Arabia backing them, the Shiites who have Iran backing them, The Catholics who have the Vatican backing them, the Orthodox who have Russia and Greece behind them, and the Jews who have a Jewish state and the Jewish Diaspora supporting it, the Druze have no external support. Hence, they historically had no other choice but to assume homogeneity with other religions, defend the land they’re on and serve the state they fall under.

They had no choice but to assimilate with the neighboring religions and communities to the point of almost dissolving. In Syria they act in public like they are Muslims. In Israel, they almost cannot be differentiated from the Jews and they serve in the Jewish army and state. In Lebanon they have a bit more freedom and they coexist with Muslims and Christians equally.

The Druze have had to assimilate with the neighboring religions and communities. (Israel Defense Forces / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Druze have had to assimilate with the neighboring religions and communities. (Israel Defense Forces / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Druze, in their community and how its divided into two (The Initiated and Non-Initiated), their sacred forbidden texts and hidden beliefs can be said to be authentic survivors of ancient Gnostic Christianity which existed openly till 300 AD (until the council of Nicea in Constantinople when traces of Gnosticism were removed from the Bible and the Gnostics were considered heretics and sentenced to burning-to-death on the stakes).

The Doctrine of Eternal Reincarnation in Human-Adamic Form

One of the main doctrines which the Druze believe in, The Doctrine of Reincarnation, was removed from the Bible. The main reason The Doctrine of Reincarnation was rejected by the Nicean council and its traces were removed from the Bible is because if one believes in it, there is no longer any point to pay allegiance to the church or any superior power to reserve a place in a promised heaven or paradise. If one believes in reincarnation, then one knows that heaven and hell are a state-of-existence that he/she will experience on Earth in this life or another life and that punishment and rewards are settled through Karma. Ultimately, this means that there is no heaven to reserve a seat in, or a hell to pay your way out from. Heaven and Hell are metaphors for human states of existence one will experience here on Earth.

From here, there is no logic to worshipping a mediator between you and your destiny or afterlife. There is no escape from your actions through any ritualistic act or payment.

The following is an excerpt from the Bible that is mentioned in el-Hikma texts as a proof of reincarnation that seems to have skipped the council’s attention:

'...But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands..." Matthew 17:12

According to the Druze doctrines Elijah is reincarnated as John the Baptist; and this quote hints at this truth. 

‘Have done to him everything they wished’ refers to the severing of John's head.

The Druze visit the shrine of Elijah in Syria regularly and consider it holy due to their knowledge that he is himself John the Baptist (one of the sacred five men they believe in).

The Druze visit the shrine of Elijah in Syria. (Jimclassic / CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Druze visit the shrine of Elijah in Syria. (Jimclassic / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Finally, reincarnation to the Druze is not and was never a doctrine more so than a logical necessity. The soul has no way to express any state-of-existence without its vehicle (the body). There is no way a soul can even be punished in or rewarded in any way without the vehicle of sensation that translate the states of punishment and reward through a human experience in a given space and time.

Reincarnation doesn't force one to envision an afterlife which one has no evidence or idea of; it simply asks one to envision an afterlife in the same form of existence (in a body) that one had the most idea and evidence of (in the same way one exists here and now).

Why has this forbidden simplicity been so hard to accept?!! Because of how much artificial historical effort has been put to prove it wrong by presenting and promoting and marketing thousands of alternative scenarios of the afterlife.

The Doctrine of The Ancientness of Civilized Human Existence on Earth

The other key doctrine to the Druze is The Doctrine of the Ancientness of the World. The Druze believe in the Atlantean and Lemurian accounts and the fact that humanity existed in a civilized and advanced state millions of years prior to the 7000 year Adamic cycle, a belief which challenges the traditional monotheistic belief reflected in a literal understanding of The Genesis – an account which the Druze believe to be purely symbolic of the Spiritual parenthood of humanity.

The Druze Five-star symbol refers to the five sacred men whom the Gnostics have followed and traced throughout all their incarnations since primeval Atlantean, Egyptian, and ancient Greek times.In the ancient Greek times, the five sacred men (accounted for in the Druze scriptures) are identified as Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Parmenides, and Empedocles. Hence, the Druze consider the works of those philosophers to be sacred and do not accept the traditional philosophic approach which highlights a fake conflict between Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy. The Druze also believe in the sacredness of Socrates, Plotinus, and Alexander the Great

Plato - left and Aristotle – right, are two of the five sacred men according to the Druze. (Jacobolus / Public Domain)

Plato - left and Aristotle – right, are two of the five sacred men according to the Druze. (Jacobolus / Public Domain)

In the Christian times, the five sacred men (accounted for in the Druze scriptures) are identified as: Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Mathew, Marcus, Lucas. The Druze reject the influence of Peter and Paul over Christianity (i.e. the institutionalization of Christianity by way of catering to the secular ruling powers at the time). They believe that Christianity today does not reflect the Ancient Gnostic Christianity which Jesus Christ intended for humanity; however, the Druze do respect all religions regardless and coexist peacefully with their fellow Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

The True Surviving Gnostic

In conclusion, the Druze did exist (holding the same beliefs they exist in now) since time-eternal, and not only for the 1000 years they were known historically as ‘Druze’. The evidence of such existence is lately confirmed by the discovery of an exact match between the Druze DNA and Christ’s DNA.

According to a recent documentary that aired on The History Channel, The Druze of the Levant are acknowledged on an official level to be true descendants of Jesus Christ. In brief, the documentary is based on a genetic study on the ‘Shroud of Turin’ (the linen cloth that is widely believed Jesus of Nazareth was wrapped in following his crucifixion). For the first time in history a man of faith and a man of science teamed up to search for Jesus’ DNA.

Using the latest advances in DNA technology, Oxford University geneticist George Busby and biblical scholar Pastor Joe Basile investigated the world’s most famous holy relics including the Shroud of Turin, The Sudarium of Oviedo, and the newly discovered bones of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist. Their journey took them to holy sites around the world to Spain, Italy, Israel, and the shores of the Black Sea. By extracting and analyzing samples of each of these holy relics they were able to retrieve a sample of DNA that is highly asserted to belong to Jesus or a member of his family. They believed that by finding this strand of Jesus’ DNA, they would be able to identify who among humanity today are true descendants of Jesus and provide the world with new insight into the man many consider to be the most important person in history, Jesus.

Their research led them to a discovery of an exact and exclusive match between The Jesus Strand and the Druze DNA. In their attempt to verify the authenticity of their discovery, they tested the DNA of an actual Druze father and daughter who currently live in an Israeli village at close proximity to Nazareth and found their DNA to match the 2000 year old DNA pulled from the Shroud of Turin.

According to DNA tests of the Shroud of Turin, the Druze are descendants of Jesus Christ. (Dianelos / CC BY-SA 3.0)

According to DNA tests of the Shroud of Turin, the Druze are descendants of Jesus Christ. (Dianelos / CC BY-SA 3.0)

In short, The Druze preserved their ancient Gnostic descendance through strict marital laws which they passed on from one generation to another and which they still practice to this day and age.

Mimadamos and The Gnostic Code?

Mimadamos is inspired by  Fifthscience, which is an ancient exclusive mind science (present among the forbidden scriptures of the Druze) that holds a consistently clear and precise logic that resembles mathematics in its technicalities more so than an average philosophical or theological perspective.

Mimadamos does not thrive on the enigma of an ancient secret exposed, or the mystery of a spiritual discovery; it simply rests on the exquisiteness of an exceptional logic that the mind intuitively recognizes at the very cusp of exposure. Thus,  Mimadamos is more than a conventional fantasy or literary fiction; it is a timeless mind creed. 

The Code is a living, breathing soul, not a dead body of historical texts and monuments. It is beyond a recovered scripture, ancient manuscript, or buried scroll. It is beyond religious institutions, beyond ceremonial and behavioral practices, beyond ethical and moral codes of conduct, beyond sacred pillars and holy rituals, beyond traditions and customs, beyond ideologies and systems of thought, beyond meditation and mantras, beyond psychic and occult powers, and, most certainly, beyond the Sufism and mysticism falsely associated with it.

The Druze believe we are the dynamic translation of The Code and reality is constantly redefined by our choices. (Sergey Nivens / Adobe)

The Druze believe we are the dynamic translation of The Code and reality is constantly redefined by our choices. (Sergey Nivens / Adobe)

Mimadamos, available from Amazon,  is an individual effort initiated by an actual surviving Gnostic Druze, Chadi B. Ghaith, to reclaim the true image of the long lost Gnostic world – a world that has been forsaken and rejected even by modern groups and communities who call themselves ‘Gnostics’ and claim to be true followers or fans of Gnosticism.

Editors note: Ths article was edited 4-42021 to state, ‘According to the Druze doctrines Elijah is reincarnated as John the Baptist;’ NOT ‘According to the Druze doctrines Elijah is the reincarnation of John the Baptist’. 

Top image: The Israeli Druze are a religious minority in Israel who live in the north of the country. Source: Israel photo gallery / CC BY-SA 2.0.

By Chadi Ghaith



What a load of bullshit. They believe in muhmmed n his cousin ali. Their imam is descended of mohed.. they are like the bora n ahmadis of India.. are you saying that they are practicing tayika...

On 5 March 2019, Ancient Origins published an article The Shroud of Turin: Jesus' Bloodstained Burial Cloth
or a Fascinating Forgery. The article stated, "Radiocarbon 14 dating of the cloth revealed the shroud material dated to 1260–1390 AD" and concluded, "... latest investigation indicate that the Shroud of Turin was most likely one of the many fake religious relics made in Medieval Europe. " Interesting then how DNA from Jesus or a close relative could be found on a piece of fabric that wasn't woven for another 12 or 13 centuries.

To conclude that the "blood like clots" on the shroud of Turin is actually Jesus blood and that DNA testing is proving a Druze linkage, is a rather exaggerated claim. What can be concluded is that a person of Druze origin or his blood came into contact with the shroud sometime in the past. On the other hand there is an interesting connection of Druze people with the North American Indians, as they both have the world's highest percentage of haplogroup X in their DNA. That means that either some Druze have travelled to Americas some millenia BCE, or they share a common ancestry.

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"I am just an ordinary person trying to express a very non-ordinary logic...
I never intended to be a writer; I simply caught myself doing what a writer does.
Mimadamos is like beauty revolting on paper; it made me plunge... Read More

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