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Artistic rendering of Quantum Particles, man performing as a shaman (Public Domain); Deriv.

Did the Ancients Communicate with Worlds Unknown? Dowsing for Origins in Quantum Reality


Who are we?  Where did we come from?  How did we evolve to be the way we are?

Traditionally, we tend to answer these questions by aligning ourselves with one of three different camps:

The Religious Camp:  These are the folks who refer all answers to the mysterious mind of a God who lives outside our perception realm.  Faith, not understanding, is their watchword. 

The Agnostic Camp:  For these people the mystery is beyond our grasp.  Because we lack definitive answers we must be open to all possibilities.

The Scientific Camp:  These are the ones who seek to probe the very depths of the material universe.  Their search has led them all the way to the tiniest particles of matter, but their tools won't work once you pass the boundaries of materialism, so if anything exists outside those boundaries it must remain a mystery.

Searching for Answers

Most of us identify with parts of all these positions.  We may substitute "spiritual" for "religious."  We might respect the great mystery of existence but lack the desire or skills to travel down paths that could lead to answers.  We may be thrilled to read about biological breakthroughs but not possess the temperament and education for the exacting work they entail.  So, is it any wonder that we sometimes throw up our hands in frustration and choose to ignore origin questions that, in reality, affect us very deeply?

What if there were a way to probe these great mysteries in the security of our own homes, free from the dogmas of religion, the frustration of philosophical arguments that seem to lead nowhere, and the complex math of the theoretical physicist?

There may be just such a way, but it will require a little time and effort.  It is available to everyone, has a long and honorable track record of success, is inexpensive, and fun, to boot!  It's called dowsing.

Moving Beyond Worlds in Quantum Reality

A hundred years ago a few far-seeing scientists discovered a world underlying our perception reality that seems mystical beyond belief. They called it quantum reality and claimed it was the basis of our whole existence.  It was a wild and wonderful place where all kinds of so-called impossible things happened.  The laws of physics were broken in seemingly haphazard fashion. Information didn't just travel at the speed of light, it transported itself across vast distances immediately. It was a land of parallel universes and dark matter. Particles and waves were inseparable and appeared wherever and whenever you chose to look, but when you weren't looking they ceased to exist at all, accept in potential. No wonder Einstein called it "spooky!"

Now, a hundred years into the study of this world, it has been prodded, poked, tweaked, examined and scrutinized thoroughly while passing muster in every experiment yet devised.  It has never failed a test.  Not once!  Quantum reality is now universally accepted, weird and wonderful though it appears to be. It is the reality from which we originated—the source of our material world.  Besides that, it both predicts and supports the concept of other worlds that exist only micro-meters away from us but are always and forever out of reach because they form in totally different realms of vibration and material construction. Rational scientists from accepted academic institutions such as MIT and Cambridge now talk quite rationally about other beings from parallel dimensions who are presumably just as frustrated as us because they know we are "here" but that they are "there" and never the twain shall meet.  So close and yet so far!  It's maddening that we can't communicate.

Or can we?  Maybe such a method exists if we dare think outside the box and experiment a little.


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Jim Willis is author of nine books on religion and spirituality, he has been an ordained minister for over forty years while working part-time as a carpenter, the host of his own drive-time radio show, an arts council director and adjunct college professor in the fields of World Religions and Instrumental Music. He is author of Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence


Top Image: Artistic rendering of Quantum Particles, man performing as a shaman (Public Domain); Deriv.

By Jim Willis

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After graduating from the Eastman School of Music, Jim Willis became a high school band and orchestra teacher during the week, a symphony trombonist on the weekends, a jazz musician at night and a choral conductor on Sunday mornings. ... Read More

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