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Xuazang crossed the Gobi Desert and through Central Asia. Source: peerasit/By Adobe Stock

Suited for Battle: The Elaborate Ritual of Donning Medieval Knight Armor (Video)


In the Middle Ages, donning armor was an essential part of preparing for battle. The process of putting on armor was a ritual that required time, effort, and assistance from squires. The medieval knight would begin with a padded arming doublet, followed by layers of chain mail and metal plates. Each plate had to be positioned and secured with leather straps, ensuring full coverage while maintaining mobility.

The helmet, often the last piece of armor to be added, would be placed on the knight's head, protecting his face and head from potential injury. The process of donning armor was not only about protection but also about projecting a sense of power and invincibility. To the knight, the act of putting on armor was a way of mentally preparing himself for the battle to come. Fully suited, he felt a sense of readiness and confidence, knowing that he was fully prepared to face any opponent that might come his way.

Top image: A medieval knight in armor. Source: LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / Adobe Stock / Insert Button Play Video by Dehweh

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