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medieval Knight

Medieval knight in a winter blizzard. Source: brunogm / Adobe Stock.

Chilling battles: How Medieval Knights Fought in the Freezing Cold (Video)

The clanking of metal and the sight of knights riding on horseback with their full suits of armor is a familiar image from medieval times. But what was it really like to wear such heavy and bulky...
Medieval knights with weapons. Source: Diatomic / Adobe Stock.

Medieval Warfare Unleashed: Discovering the Arsenal of a Knight (Video)

The medieval knight was known for their impressive arsenal of weapons, each with its own unique purpose on the battlefield. Swords were the most iconic weapon of the knight , but other melee weapons...
Xuazang crossed the Gobi Desert and through Central Asia. Source: peerasit/By Adobe Stock

Suited for Battle: The Elaborate Ritual of Donning Medieval Knight Armor (Video)

In the Middle Ages, donning armor was an essential part of preparing for battle . The process of putting on armor was a ritual that required time, effort, and assistance from squires. The medieval...