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Fresco of a priest sporting a coronal tonsure hairstyle. Source: Public domain

Roman Catholic Priests Rocked Seriously Quirky ‘Tonsure’ Hairdos

In the annals of religious history, the Roman Catholic tonsure hairstyle stands out as a peculiar and enduring tradition. From the early centuries of Christianity to its eventual abolition by the...
Vikings used grooming tools like bone combs. Source: Fxquadro / Adobe Stock.

What Viking Hygiene Was Like (Video)

During the Viking era, Norse people placed a strong emphasis on hygiene and grooming . They combed their hair daily, bathed regularly, and frequently changed their clothes. Viking men sported a...
Elaborate medieval hairstyle. Source: QuietWord / Adobe Stock.

US 'Hair Archaeologist' Recreates Elaborate Ancient Hairstyles (Video)

Janet Stephens, a modern-day hairstylist , has embarked on an extraordinary journey to recreate ancient coifs from Greek and Roman civilizations. These intricate hairstyles were so elaborate that...
Afro-Colombian slaves used their braids to communicate messages and escape routes. Source: Vanessa / Adobe Stock

African Slaves Used Braids to Communicate Escape Routes in Colombia

The hair of black boys and girls was, and continues to be, an object of ridicule and discrimination. This kind of distain is a throwback to a more openly racist era, steeped in beliefs of African...
The Anarchic Mohawk Hairstyle. Source: ArtoPhotoDesigno / Adobe Stock

The Anarchic ‘Mohawk’ Hairstyle Didn’t Come From the Mohawk Tribe

The ultimate expression of anarchy, the now-mainstream Mohawk hairstyle has a surprisingly ancient history. While most people think the Mohawk hairstyle was created by anti-establishment punks back...
Egyptian couple wearing formal wigs of the 4th of 5th dynasties.

Changing Beauty: The Use of Elaborate Wigs in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians are known by many as a historical symbol of ancient beauty, vanity, and hygiene. Appearance was very important in the country near the Nile River. The way people looked was a symbol...
3,300-year-old Egyptian woman with hair extensions discovered in Armana

3,300-year-old Egyptian woman with hair extensions discovered in Armana

Archaeologists carrying out excavations at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt, the capital city built by Pharaoh Akhenaten in c. 1330 BC, have found a number of human remains containing well-preserved elaborate...