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Vikings used grooming tools like bone combs. Source: Fxquadro / Adobe Stock.

What Viking Hygiene Was Like (Video)

During the Viking era, Norse people placed a strong emphasis on hygiene and grooming . They combed their hair daily, bathed regularly, and frequently changed their clothes. Viking men sported a...
Hygiene has evolved over the years, but we’ve been taking showers for centuries. Women bathing in a public gymnasium; Gouache painting based on an ancient Greek vase. Source: Wellcome Collection / Public Domain

Hygiene Through History: How Filthy Were Our Ancient Ancestors?

People in the past have a reputation for being dirty and unhygienic, but is this true? While many aspects of personal hygiene have evolved over the centuries, others have remained surprisingly...
The “Norse Power” deodorant was designed by Norse experts in York, England so that anyone can have the Viking smell and all its powers!		Source: Visit York

Smell Like a Viking - The Viking Odor Was Strangely Superior!

Sailing, exploring, and raiding. Three activities well-loved by Vikings in their time. These Scandinavian seafarers spent their days as brutal warriors, pillaging and colonizing cities all over...
Roman fresco with banquet scene from the Casa dei Casti Amanti (IX 12, 6-8) in Pompeii.

Shave Your Armpits and Don’t Smell Like a Billy-Goat: Ovid’s Art of Love, Relationships and Adultery

Born a year after the assassination of Julius Caesar, Ovid’s first works appeared in the early days of the Augustan principate. Ovid wrote various works throughout his long career, but none so...