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Greek Titans

Though they have been largely overshadowed by the more famous Olympians, the Greek Titans were a powerful race of deities in their own right. The Titans were the children of Gaea (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), and ruled over the cosmos during the Golden Age, until they were overthrown by Zeus.
The Greek Titans were giant, powerful beings that ruled over heavens and earth. The most famous Titans include Cronus, Hyperion, Rhea, and Prometheus.
The Titans were eventually overthrown by the Olympians in a ten-year war called the Titanomachy. The Olympians emerged victorious and banished the Titans to Tartarus. Zeus then became the ruler of the new age.
Though they are no longer worshipped as they once were, the Titans remain an important part of Greek mythology. Their story is a cautionary tale of power, betrayal, and revenge that has captivated audiences for centuries.