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Neanderthal engravings in Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Credit: Stewart Finlayson, courtesy of  Gibraltar Museum.

Gorham’s Cave: Did Neanderthals Create Art? (Video)

The enigmatic past of Neanderthals has long intrigued researchers, raising questions about their cognitive abilities and creative expressions. Nestled within the depths of Gorham's Cave , just off...
Neanderthals. Source: Mikolaj Niemczewski / Adobe Stock.

What Really Killed the Neanderthals? (Video)

Unraveling the mystery behind the Neanderthals' extinction has captivated scientists for decades. In the fascinating world of paleoanthropology , theories abound, shedding light on the fate of our...
The Vanguard Cave, part of the Gorham’s Cave Complex.	Source: Gibraltar Government

40,000-Year-Old Chamber Of Secrets Discovered At Gorham’s Cave Complex

A Neanderthal child’s tooth was discovered in Gibraltar’s Gorham’s Cave Complex four years ago, declaring their presence. Now, a lost chamber has been discovered in Vanguard Cave, one of the four...
The discovery of an upper canine milk tooth that belonged to a Neanderthal child, aged 11 or 12, is believed to be about 48,000 years old. The discovery could help understand some of the last Neanderthals in Europe and why they became extinct. Source: Journal of Human Evolution.

48,000-Year-Old Tooth Belonged to One of the Last European Neanderthals

The discovery of a milk tooth from a Neanderthal child has been hailed as a major breakthrough. The tiny tooth possibly belonged to one of the last Neanderthals to have lived in Europe and is...
Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) footprint in the Natural History Museum in Prague.

Young Neanderthal Footprint Found in Gibraltar is Only the Second Example in the World

The sand sheets in the rampant dunes above Catalan Bay in Gibraltar are a relic of the last glaciation, when the sea level was up to 120 meters below present levels and a great field of dunes...
A representation of what the lost city of Atlantis may look like

Ancient Underwater Ruins Found off the Coast of Spain… Atlantis Again?

The coast of southern Spain is an archaeological wonderland with thousands of ruins from ancient Roman and Greek cultures, but hidden among these crumbling stones, scientists from a private satellite...
Neanderthal skull discovered along the Strait of Gibraltar.

Study Says Hominids May Have Entered Europe Via the Strait of Gibraltar 900,000 Years Ago

Researchers at the University of Barcelona believe that they may have evidence that hominids entered Europe through the south of the Iberian Peninsula 900,000 years ago. Evidence for their claim...
Neanderthals returned to a comfy home

Neanderthals returned to a comfy home after a hard day’s work

New excavations of caves in Gibraltar have revealed that Neanderthals used a network of small caves during hunting expeditions after which they returned to a larger base which they probably...