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Neanderthal engravings in Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Credit: Stewart Finlayson, courtesy of  Gibraltar Museum.

Gorham’s Cave: Did Neanderthals Create Art? (Video)

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The enigmatic past of Neanderthals has long intrigued researchers, raising questions about their cognitive abilities and creative expressions. Nestled within the depths of Gorham's Cave, just off Gibraltar, a Neanderthal haunt for thousands of years, lies a captivating discovery that challenges our perceptions. In this remarkable space, where natural light cascades upon the ancient chambers, clues emerge of a complex existence. Tools, remnants of campfires, and evidence of animal life offer glimpses into their daily routines.

However, what truly captivates the imagination is an engraved piece of rock—a deliberate creation etched by a Neanderthal hand. With meticulous strokes, the tool pressed into the stone, leaving behind a sequence of vertical and horizontal lines. The purpose and meaning of this engraving remain enigmatic, but one thing is certain: it unveils the extraordinary dexterity and cognitive prowess of our Neanderthal cousins.

Top image: Neanderthal engravings in Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Credit: Stewart Finlayson, courtesy of  Gibraltar Museum.

By Robbie Mitchell



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I have seen lots of articles that appear to make Neanderthals super intelligent these days, so I had to ask myself why is it for all of a sudden the sub-human creatures known as Neanderthals has to become more than just dumb brutes, and I developed my own answer?   I came to the belief that since Neanderthals are primarily related to the “White Race” of humans who would like for all people to believe that they are the “Superior Human Beings” on earth, and that the Neanderthal species DNA which is deeply imbedded into their biological system, has to also be a super intelligent sub human species.  It just took them a while to get around to promoting that theory because it has become very well known that the White Race has more sub human Neanderthal DNA than any other modern humans on earth.  It has been highly publicized that the Black race has the LESSER amount of that sub human Neanderthal DNA, and 100% Black Africans who are not mixed has ZERO percent, and that takes us all the way back to Pyramid Builders, First human languages,, writing skills, clothing, mathematics, government establishmets etc, as well as the FIRST human beings ORIGINATING OUT OF AFRICA..  

Charles Bowles

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I’m a graduate of History and Literature from The University of Manchester in England and a total history geek. Since a young age, I’ve been obsessed with history. The weirder the better. I spend my days working as a freelance... Read More

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