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Electronic access to Dead Sea Scrolls starting

With regards to old texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls are regarded as one of probably the most essential historical texts discovered in the last few generations. The Israel Museum was lambasted in the past for not delivering more extensive access to the fragile and broken documents. Now, through a relationship with Google, the Dead Sea Scrolls are being scanned and supplied online. 

Dead Sea Scrolls digitization project

In the last few years, the Dead Sea Scrolls digitization project has been going on. To be able to photograph the files at 1,200 megapixels in the environment that will defend the documents from deteriorating, a new camera was developed. There will be photos taken of each scroll and fragment. Then, these pictures will be put in a searchable database after being gathered. The idea is to supply access to the scrolls to as large an audience as possible. By 2016, all scrolls will, in theory, be accessible for reading.

Israel Museum works with Google

The Dead Sea Scrolls digitization job is something Google will spend lots of time with. All scroll photos are located in a database on Google Storage. The Google Apps motor is what runs the website. In order to index the pages for search outcomes, the Google team has taken every page and made it searchable and transcribed. This is just like Google’s Art Project, Prado Museum and holocaust photo collection.

Direct comments

Direct commentary is allowed on the digitized version of the Dead Sea Scrolls which is very strange. Viewers can look at the sections and make comments. The Dead Sea Scrolls may become more productive with this. Over time, researchers are going to be keeping an eye on what amateur scientists discover in the scrolls as potential further areas for research. This is something researchers will really appreciate. This is especially true when looking at the thousands of scroll document fragments and pieces that have to be deciphered. Google has said it will support digitize those fragments for anybody who wants them to be made accessible for everyone else who has pieces since the Israel Museum doesn’t have them all.


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Official Google Blog:

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Great information and sources

Great information and sources! Thank you for sharing this!! :)

love, light and blessings



Now I'll have to start learning to read Hebrew in order to read them or will there be translations?

Yes! I've alwasy wanted to

Yes! I've alwasy wanted to read the Dead Sea Scrolls! This is fantastic news!!!!!

Peace and Love,



this is wonderful :)