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Ancient text resources

I'm pretty new to the whole field of ancient origins/history, and I've been reading people like Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin. I'm looking for recommendations for English translations of ancient texts, especially the bible, and Sumerian and Mesopotamian "mythology". I'm not a serious scholar, but I probably would prefer more scholarly translations with notes

Have you read the Epic of

Have you read the Epic of Gilgamesh? That's a good one to start with. I picked my copy up at a used book store.

This article is already on this site:

This came up in a google search...I'm at work so I can't exactly sit and read it, but I scrolled through a bit and it looks informative at least. :)


Hope this gets you started!

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I haven't read the Epic of

I haven't read the Epic of Gilgamesh. I'd like to pick up a copy but I'm actually looking for recommendations on specific translations. There are so many out there, and different philosophies are used to translate. 

Thanks a bunch for this link! I'll definitely read that. I know a lot of people recommend the works of this writer, Kramer. 

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As far as English

As far as English translations of the Bible the King James version is about as good as it gets. When you say English translations of ancient text what manuscripts are you referring to exactly? The Epic of Gilamesh is a good one. The Eunma Elish is the Sumerian Epic of Creation found here:

The below link has a great many more:

Here is an extensive list of mythology writings: