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Chinese woman. Source:  Pituk / Adobe Stock.

Nüshu: China's Secret Language That Only Women Speak (Video)

In a remote region of central China lies a remarkable secret language known only to women. Born out of a history of subjugation and limited opportunities, this language, called Nüshu, emerged over...
Margery Kempe: Medieval Mystic and ‘Heretic’ Heroine

Margery Kempe: Medieval Mystic and ‘Heretic’ Heroine

Margery Kempe was, for the first 40 years of her life, an ordinary woman. Born into a middle-class family in 14th century East Anglia in England, she is remembered today for her remarkable later life...
A Woman’s Best Friend: The Herstory of Dog Domestication

A Woman’s Best Friend: The Herstory of Dog Domestication

The Grimaldi Goddess clay figurine, unearthed at the Neolithic settlement of Çatal Hüyük in Turkey, dates back to about 6000 BC. It depicts an obese woman giving birth while seated upon a throne...
Traditional Chinese style sculpture depicting a mother and baby. New research on baby teeth suggests gender inequality was present from infancy. Source: junrong /Adobe Stock

Do Ancient Baby Teeth Really Prove Sexism In Ancient China?

Scientists analyzing 2500-year-old baby teeth have revealed evidence of gender inequality during Bronze Age China. Feminism encompasses ideologies to achieve the social, political, and economic...
Sappho and Alcaeus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1881)

Gender Equality in the Ancient World?

In discussions about gender in the ancient world, women seldom seemed to be portrayed in a good light. In Ancient Greece, women were described as dogs, demons and degenerates. Semonides of Amorgos (...