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Chinese woman. Source:  Pituk / Adobe Stock.

Nüshu: China's Secret Language That Only Women Speak (Video)


In a remote region of central China lies a remarkable secret language known only to women. Born out of a history of subjugation and limited opportunities, this language, called Nüshu, emerged over four centuries ago during the transition from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. In a society where women were expected to obediently serve their fathers, husbands, and sons, a group of women in secluded villages decided to forge their own path.

Through Nüshu, they expressed their hopes, dignity, and shared experiences in a unique and poetic way. The characters of this language took the form of graceful female figures, symbolizing their inner strength and beauty. Despite their lack of access to education, these peasant women defied societal expectations, leaving a profound legacy that continues to inspire today. While Nüshu itself may fade over time, its true power lies in the spirit of sisterhood and resilience it represents, reminding us of the strength that arises when women unite.

Top image: Chinese woman. Source:  Pituk / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



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Chinese female language is exoterical to women which originated out of female subjugation to serve all men..

Charles Bowles

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