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Ernst Stötzner during scanning a cuneiform tablet in order to decipher the text.  Source: Maike Glöckner/Uni Halle

Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Instantly Deciphered By Revolutionary Methods

New artificial intelligence software is now able to decipher difficult-to-read texts on cuneiform tablets, almost in an instant. Instead of photos, the AI system uses 3D models of the tablets,...
The sounds of ancient languages are getting revived with AI. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Equator AI.

The Sound of Ancient Languages As You’ve Never Heard Them Before (Video)

Ancient languages , once mere written symbols on aged parchments, have now been brought to life through the marvel of artificial intelligence. In a captivating video, AI has breathed audible...
Chinese woman. Source:  Pituk / Adobe Stock.

Nüshu: China's Secret Language That Only Women Speak (Video)

In a remote region of central China lies a remarkable secret language known only to women. Born out of a history of subjugation and limited opportunities, this language, called Nüshu, emerged over...
This clay tablet, part of the Louvre Museum collection, covered in an ancient language is actually one of the few known Linear Elamite texts, which a research team has claimed to have deciphered almost completely. Source: Zunkir / CC BY-SA 4.0

Iranian 4,000-Year-Old Ancient Language Decoded But Questions Remain

Linguistics experts have been trying to decipher and translate an enigmatic type of ancient language known as Linear Elamite for more than 100 years. This writing system was used by people who lived...
Ithaca looks likely to offer us a new understanding of the ancient world. Source: Kras99 / Adobe Stock.

Can Artificial Intelligence Unlock Secrets of the Ancients?

AI is helping historians rewrite history, quite literally. Published in the journal Nature , a new study reports that AI can fill gaps in ancient Greek inscriptions and indicate where and when they...
Monk chronicler writes an ancient manuscript. Source: Nejron Photo / Adobe Stock

How Did it All Begin? The Rich Origins of the English Language

Language is a universal tool for every person in this world. It is the connecting link between nations, ethnicities, and people sharing a common background. The world of language is colorful and...
A Jute warrior buried on his back with his sword. The Deal cemetery findings in Kent, England are some of the best evidence ever found relating to English origins. Because of the Jutes, the Britons gave up the Celtic language for the more advantageous early English spoken by the Jutes.		Source: Sam Lennon / Kent Online

Jute Cemetery Find Yields Evidence of 5th Century English Origins

Archaeologists in England are calling their discovery “one of the most important” for decades. The ancient cemetery didn’t only date back to the Neolithic period, but it held the bodies of 40 men,...
New AI Algorithm is Cracking Undeciphered Languages

New AI Algorithm is Cracking Undeciphered Languages

Scientists have created a new algorithm to hunt down similarities in ancient languages and it’s set to untangle the mystery of all undeciphered languages. According to a new MIT report “most...
Tauriel daughter of Mirkwood from Lord of the Rings

How to Invent a Tolkien-Style Language: Ancient Languages Inspire Modern Movies

The success of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies brought the languages that JRR Tolkien invented for the Elves to the attention of a much wider public. There are now numerous...
Medieval teaching scene.

In Medieval Britain, If You Wanted to Get Ahead, You Had to Speak French

The study of modern languages in British secondary schools is in steep decline. The number of students taking French and German GCSE has more than halved in the last 16 years. But as the UK prepares...
Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai.

More Revelations From St. Catherine’s Monastery Include Lost Ancient Languages

Scientists have found languages not used since the “Dark Ages” among ancient manuscripts revealed at the St. Catherine’s monastery in Egypt. It is the latest findings to be released from the 1,500-...
Babylon - Common Origin in the world’s languages

In Search for a common origin in the world’s languages

We know the Babylon story in the Bible where the God(s) decided that humanity shouldn’t have a common language because obviously they could achieve wonders like the Babylon Tower that would at some...