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Utopia, Euphoria: Greek Philosophers Searching For The Good Life

To the ancient Greeks, philosophy – literally the love of wisdom - as a therapy or treatment of bodily ailments implied a holistic, psychosomatic understanding of the human mind, body and soul...
Vikings values of bravery, honor and loyalty. Source: (Ben By AdobeStock)

Discovering the Drengr Code: The Truth About Viking Ethics

Many cultures throughout history have had their own unspoken societal rules, and the Vikings are no exception. The Drengr Code was a code of ethics and principles that was believed to have been...
Mummified child found in Chile.

Study of Atacama Skeleton Slammed as Scientifically Flawed and Unethical

University of Otago-led international collaborative research calls into question the ethics of skeletal and genomic analysis surrounding research into the much publicized "Atacama mummy." University...
Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci

Unmasking Mona Lisa: Will scientists discover her true identity through DNA and radiocarbon testing?

The identity of the woman who sat for Leonardo da Vinci’s world renowned painting, The Mona Lisa, is a mystery that researchers have long sought an answer to. Most experts believe the woman depicted...
Aristotle's School, a painting from the 1880s by Gustav Adolph Spangenberg.

The Nicomachean Ethics: How to Approach the Ethical Musings of Aristotle

Aristotle spoke thoughtfully as he strolled along the natural pathways of the Lyceum and his companions were entranced by their teacher’s words. His philosophical musings seemed to intertwine...
A modern Pagan Wiccan altar set up.

Secrets of Magic in Modern Paganism Revealed

Magic is one of the aspects that can be found in many of the groups that are part of the movement known collectively as Modern Paganism. According to practitioners of magic within the movements of...
The British Museum Distorts History and Denies its Racist Past

The British Museum Distorts History and Denies its Racist Past

Thomas Melin/ University of Gothenburg The British Museum in London is rewriting history to appear in a better light and defend itself against demands to return objects to their countries of origin...
Mes Aynak

Top 5 ‘Ethical Victories’ for Archaeologists in 2013

We have already published the worst archaeological destructions for 2013 , which conveyed accounts of the decimation and destruction of a number of culturally rich and historically important sites...
Human Remains in Archaeology - Ethics

Archaeologists ‘Do the Right Thing’ with Human Remains

Archaeologists who uncovered the remains of individuals in 15 ancient burials at Polesworth Abbey in Warwickshire will be reburying the Saxon remains in a church service once samples have been taken...