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The Gatchina Palace Fabergé Egg. Source: CC0 1.0 Universal

Fabergé Eggs Were Opulent Easter Gifts Created for Russian Royalty

Almost everyone has heard about Fabergé eggs, thanks to their making headlines as they fetch exorbitant prices at auction. In one case, in 2007, the famed Rothschild Clock Egg was sold by Christie’s...
Lady making traditional decorated eggs in the Bukovina Region of Romania. Source: Matthew / Adobe Stock.

Eggsquisite Art: Romania’s Stunning Traditional Craft of Egg Painting

The small village of Ciocăneşti in Romania is known for its elaborate motifs that adorn its buildings, and these designs are reflected in the decorated eggs. The art of egg painting has elevated the...
Easter table decoration. Source: Viktoriia / Adobe Stock.

History of the Holidays: Easter (Video)

Easter is the holiest day on the Christian calendar, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, despite being a Christian holiday, the history of Easter has pagan and Jewish roots. The...
A model of a dinosaur nest with eggs hatching. Source: Jaroslav Moravcik / Adobe Stock

Giant Titanosaur Nesting Ground Discovered in Central India

During explorations near the city of Dhar in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, paleontologists made a remarkable discovery. The scientists found an extensive collection of fossilized dinosaur...
Herman tortoise and her egg discovered under a house at Pompeii. Source: Archaeological Park of Pompeii

A 2000-Year-Old Pregnant Tortoise Found at Pompeii

A 5.5-inch-long pregnant Hermann’s tortoise was another casualty at Pompeii, but this time it was a different kind of natural disaster that caused death. It was an earthquake rather than the famous...
Representational image of a baby dinosaur in an egg. Source: KtD / Adobe Stock

Dinosaur Was Sitting on Fossilized Eggs with Babies Inside When it Died

In May 2021, scientists made a major discovery in Ganzhou City in China’s southern Jiangxi Province. They found the remains of a dinosaur sitting on its nest of fossilized eggs. The dinosaur, an...
Spring Goddess

The Ancient Pagan Origins of Easter

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honor the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days...
Representational image of dinosaur eggs. Credit: KtD / Adobe Stock

Chinese Boy Accidentally Found 66-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs

In 2019, a 10-year-old boy in China who was out playing near a lake accidently unearthed a fossilized egg that led to the discovery of a very rare dinosaur nest that is 66 million years old. The find...
2500-year-old eggs found in China.

Tomb Raiders Discover 2,500-Year-Old Eggs From Ancient Chinese Death Ritual

A team of Chinese archaeologists from the Nanjing Archaeological Institute and the Liyang Museum have made a highly-unusual discovery inside a tomb in eastern China near the ancient capital city of...
Stone eggs were used as an ancient remedy.

Goop: A Classicist’s Take on the ‘Power’ of Ancient Remedies

Adam Parker / The Conversation Lifestyle company Goop – founded and run by actor and businessperson Gwyneth Paltrow – was fined US$145,000 (£112,000) for making unscientific claims about products on...
Dragon Sculpture, China.

The Bird and the Serpent: From the Neolithic Goddesses to Ancient Chinese Symbols of Nobility and Benevolence

Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, in his book Proserpina , calls himself “the gentle and happy scholar of flowers”. A large part of his work is an attempt to connect nature, art and society. To...
Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs

Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs?

A long-forgotten globe carved onto an ostrich egg and dating back to the early 1500s has resurfaced and may be the first ever globe to depict the New World. Purchased anonymously at the 2012 London...