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Ancient China’s historic tradition and culture in a classic wall drawing in watercolor Asian style. Source: Matrioshka/Adobe Stock

Ancient China History Unveiled: Dynasties and Inventions (Video)

Ancient China's rich history, dynasties, and innovative spirit have left an enduring impact. From the mythical creation stories to scientific evidence of Homo erectus settling two million years ago,...
Buddha’s finger became a sacred relic of healing and well-being in Buddhism faith.  Statue Source: Natthapong/Adobe Stock

A Digit of Devotion: Buddha's Finger Bone

Relics are important in Buddhism in that they provide tangible links to enlightened figures and their teachings. When the Buddha's finger bone was discovered in an ancient Chinese monastery,...
Confucius among his pupils. (Public Domain)

The Enduring Legacy of Confucius: 10 Insights into the World's Most Influential Thinker

Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, teacher, and political figure, is one of the most influential thinkers in human history. Born in 551 BC in the state of Lu, Confucius's teachings and ideas...
Historical Chinese Gardens: Sanctuaries For The Mind And Body

Historical Chinese Gardens: Sanctuaries For The Mind And Body

In a garden, art, science, nature and the mind collide. It is no surprise then, that many stories in ancient religions and philosophies are set in gardens. Christians believe that the Garden of Eden...
Yin Female Taosim In Search Of Immortality

Yin Female Taoism In Search Of Immortality

Chinese Thought conceived the idea of ​​a universe governed by the interaction and cyclical alternation of two opposing, but complementary principles called Yin and Yang . Before becoming...
The practice of Onmyōdō. Source: Epiximages / Adobe Stock.

The Oriental Magical Practice of Onmyōdō and Its Checkered History

The practice of Onmyōdō has a contentious history in Japan and, for reasons that will become clear, was outlawed for some time along with its close cousin, Shugendō (修験道). Onmyōdō, means literally, ‘...
I Ching disk.

The I Ching: Ancient ‘Book of Changes’ That Provides A Personal Path of Balance and Harmony AND Predicts Your Future!

The I Ching (commonly translated as ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘Classic of Changes’) is an ancient philosophical Chinese text and one of the most important books in world literature. It is the oldest of...
Museum diorama depicting scholars from the Joseon Dynasty (Public Domain), and script from the Hunmin Jeongeum Eonhae

What Happens if Scholars Rule a Kingdom? How Korea’s Kingdom of Joseon Lived Up to its Legendary Namesake

By the 14th century, the foundations of Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty (918 -1392 CE) started to collapse from years of war and de facto occupation from the Mongol Empire. The royal court in Goryeo was at...
Archaeologists Unearth Gruesome Site Where Chinese Emperors Sacrificed Horses

Archaeologists Unearth Gruesome Site Where Chinese Emperors Sacrificed Horses

A large area for animal sacrifices by Chinese emperors dating from the 3 rd century BC to the 1 st century AD in western China has been excavated and found to contain many cultural artifacts. Called...
The Lasting Legacy of Wiseman Confucius

The Lasting Legacy of Wiseman Confucius

Confucius was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher who lived 2,500 years ago. In his life, he was convinced that his teachings had not made any impact on Chinese society. However,...
The Hanging Monastery of Mount Heng

The Precariously Hanging Monastery of Mount Heng

Hengshan, or Mount Heng, which is located in Shanxi province, is one of China’s Five Great Mountains. Pinned to the side of its cliff face is the Xuan Kong Si, also known as the Hanging Monastery...