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Nestled within Koli National Park, the Pirunkirkko cave, known as the Devil's Church in English, has become renowned for its purported connection to the spirit realm. Source: University of Eastern Finland

Researchers Unpack Science Behind Unique Presence of Devil in Finnish Cave

Thousands of curious visitors venture to the Pirunkirkko or ‘Devil’s Church’ cave in eastern Finland, in the fervent hope of the contact with the spirit world, specifically, to ‘talk to the Devil’...
Teotihuacan, Mexico. Source: ARTURO / Adobe Stock.

Teotihuacán: The Ancient City Designed to Track Time (Video)

The enigmatic people of Teotihuacán in Mexico inhabited a city that prioritized timekeeping . This abandoned city, spanning 20 kilometers, offers insights into their unique approach to tracking time...
The ruins of the Forty Columns Fortress in the Paphos Archaeological Park, Cyprus, not far from where the carved bedrock banquet area and ancient was recently unearthed on Fabrica Hill.

Ancient Feast Seating Carved in Bedrock Found At Paphos, Cyprus

A team of French and Polish archaeologists exploring ancient ruins in Paphos, Cyprus have discovered a ceremonial seating area carved into the bedrock next to the foundation of a now-destroyed...
Representation of how Perdigões’ Neolithic “Woodhenge” would have looked (with full worked area highlighted).       Source: ERA Archueologia

Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered at Perdigões’ Complex Portugal

Remains of a Neolithic “Woodhenge” have recently been unearthed by a team of archaeologists at Perdigões in Portugal . The newly found wooden structure was built at the end of the Stone Age and is...
Researchers say priests included cannabis in their religious ceremonies in Judah 2,700 years ago. Source: Public Domain

Ancient Judahites Performed Cannabis Ceremonies on the “High-Way” to Yahweh

According to a new paper published in the journal Tel Aviv , ancient esoteric worshippers at a Judahite temple at the fortress mound in Tel Arad in Israel “likely smoked cannabis during cultic...
1:12 scale model to explore how Stonehenge acoustics would have been in 2200 BC. Source: Trevor Cox / University of Salford

Accurate 3D Model Of Stonehenge Proves It Had Great Acoustics

Researchers in the UK have created a mini model of one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world in order to understand its acoustics . They have built a replica of Stonehenge and have...
Twelve of the fourteen rings made of clay are shown, as well as the charred organic cereal rings. Source: (B. Biederer / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Unique Cereal Rings Were Not Made To Eat, So What Are They?

Archaeologists often come across curious items and artifacts that are unusual. In Austria , a team of archaeologists has made a most uncommon discovery. While excavating a Bronze Age site they found...
The 3000 year old Scythian gold ritual vessel is on action. Source: Timeline / Fair Use.

Golden Vessel Used In Scythian Drug-Fueled Rituals Is Expected to Sell for $57K At Auction

A remarkable tiny golden vessel is going on auction in London. The item comes from the nomadic Scythian culture, who once dominated the Eurasian Steppe in classical times. It is valued at 45,000 GBP...
The ruins of the ancient civilization of Wari.

Ancient Wari Culture of Peru Prevented Wars with Beer Parties

Archaeologists have found evidence that the ancient Wari civilization of Peru brewed beer, and that it was central to the cultural and political life of their Empire. Beer seems to have been one of...
Archaeological site in Sidon, Lebanon, where a hidden room was recently discovered.

Secret chamber hidden beneath ancient temple in Lebanon surprises archaeologists

Nothing ignites archaeological and historical curiosity more than an unexpected and mysterious discovery. A secret room uncovered by researchers at a Bronze Age temple in Sidon, Lebanon, is such a...
From this map of the site, all the main structures and rock carvings are visible.

The Megalithic Temple of Malinalco: Could these Magnificent and Complex Rock-Cut Structures Actually Pre-Date the Aztecs?

The little town of Malinalco lies at the margins of the Valley of Tepoztlan, some 115 kilometers (71 miles) to the southwest of Mexico City. Since Prehispanic times, its name has been associated with...
: Discovery of the vessel.

Wine used in Ritual Ceremonies 5000 Years Ago in Georgia, the Cradle of Viticulture

A Georgian-Italian archaeological expedition has discovered vine pollen in a zoomorphic vessel used in ritual ceremonies by the Kura-Araxes population. In the archeological site of Aradetis Orgora,...