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Peruvian hairless dog. Source: / Adobe Stock.

Peruvian Hairless Dogs ‘As Important as Machu Picchu’ (Video)

Peruvian hairless dogs are an ancient breed whose image is recognizable on pre-Incan pottery. They have been termed as 'primitive dogs,' because they have remained unchanged for over 3,500 years...
Unravelling the True Story of the Legendary Trojan Horse

Unravelling the True Story of the Legendary Trojan Horse

The Trojan horse really exists, or rather did exist until a few years ago. It is a horse that has crossed history over the last 3,000 years, who has made poets, princes, kings, and emperors fall in...
Ancient couple

Super Archaic Humans Mixed with Unknown 'Ghost' Species

Do you remember those school science posters that depicted human evolution with a primate standing up and becoming a modern human? Of course you do, but you may not have noticed that these posters...
Hungarian Vizsla out hunting with a pheasant in its mouth.   Source: oroszgy / Adobe stock

Link Between the Huns and Vizsla Dogs Unravels an Ancient Enigma

The history of the Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer breed goes hand in hand with that of the Huns’ (later called Hungarians’ or Magyars’) and even the history of their language. Recent DNA analysis...
Researchers say these horses, which seem so well attuned to the harsh cold with thick, dense winter coats, their armour against temperatures of minus 70C (minus 94F), are incomers that only arrived in these parts within the last 800 years.

Truly Amazing Scientific Discovery on Adaptation of Yakutian Horses to Cold

The resilient Yakutian horses are one of the great native sights of the Sakha Republic - or Yakutia. In their way as much a part of the classic Siberian scenery as permafrost, extinct woolly mammoths...
The Oase 1 jawbone from a 40,000-year-old modern human

Jawbone shows Modern Human 40,000 years ago had Neanderthal Great-Great-Grandfather

The mysterious history of Neanderthals, and their relationship with the first modern humans eludes scientists, but current research is quickly filling in gaps, showing that Neanderthals were, and...