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Paolo Latini

Paolo Latini : Macrotrends researcher, has created the blog, through which he keeps his readers updated upon the social evolutions, connected to the explotation of technologies, purchasing behaviour and product concept. Paolo is even the founder of Mitigare, an industrial mitigation and bio-remediation company that designs plans for companies to convert to nature, using innovative natural and non-invasive methods.

On the other side, he has also a carrier as a writer. In 2017 he published the novel “Tu scendi dalle slitte” by D’Ettoris Editore. In 2015 has been finalist on the Premio Colonna with the short story “Parental Control. In 2014 was finalist on the Cartacarbone Contest with the short story “Il secondo primo posto” whic was also published by Kellermann Editore. In 2013 he has won the Tiziano Terzani Award with the short story “Lo Sciabecco all'alba” as well as an award winning in the Alessandria Literature Festival with the short story “Due tallonatori e quel giardiniere”. In the same year he has published the novel “ Il movimento dei Meli Gemelli ” by Lettere Animate  Editore. In 2012 he was recommended by Premio Calvino with the novel “I meli gemelli fanno Bauhaus”.

He lives in Treviso, very near Venice. He has always studied ancient and recent Italian history and conducts research collaborating with historical and cultural associations. He is also the founder of a small cenacle “Edere” with which he organizes meetings and cultural events.


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