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Book of Genesis

Is the mythology surrounding the Tower of Babel somehow connected to that of the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico?

Parallel Twin Ziggurats: The Tower of Babel and Pyramid of Cholula

From the oasis sands of the biblical cradle of Mesopotamia all the way to the volcanic Valley of Mexico, parallel pyramids and mirroring myths have endured across the ages. Isolated from each other...
The Levites and the Kohens: The Patriarchal High Priests of Judaism

The Levites and the Kohens: The Patriarchal High Priests of Judaism

The Levites are members of the Hebrew tribe of Levi. They, and their tribe, are named after Levi, the third son of Jacob, and Leah. In the past, the Levites were entrusted with religious...
The Sefer Torah, or Toral scroll, is a handwritten copy of the Torah Pentateuch, used for ritual Torah readings, known as parashah. Source: pamela_d_mcadams / Adobe Stock

The Torah: Its History, Use, and Continued Purpose

The name of the Torah has a complicated history. It has been thought to mean a multitude of things including “instruction”, “law”, and “teaching”. The Torah is often misunderstood to represent the...
Fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo of Rachel sitting on the idols.

The Tomb of the Biblical Matriarch Rachel, Entwining Faiths and Generations

The tomb of the Biblical matriarch Rachel became the basis for many Christian, Jewish, and Muslim stories. The remarkable chamber located in Bethlehem is not only a part of cultural and historical...