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The Decalogue, The Keystone, and a 19th century plan of the Newark Earthworks, and Tawa, the sun spirit and creator in Hopi mythology.

Did David Wyrick Find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail Near Newark, Ohio?


For 157 years, archaeologists, religious scholars, anthropologist, politicians, scientists, and historians—everyone except Native Americans—have tried to prove that the two stones and one small cup David Wyrick found in a burial mound in Ohio, were forgeries.  

If the stones were authentic, then our theories about the peopling of the world and manifest destiny were all wrong.  So, there was, and still is, a lot at stake.

Finding the Keystone

Wyrick was a printer/surveyor by trade living in Newark, Ohio, USA in the mid-1800s.  Whenever time provided, he and his son would travel the mile or so southwest of town to the ancient mounds and dig in the burial grounds for native artifacts.  One June day they came across a wedge-shaped stone in a circular depression, common in the ancient earthworks.  It was six inches (15 cm) long, three inches (7.6 cm) in its widest part, and half an inch (1.2 cm) in diameter, and tapered to a point.  

What was strange about this stone was that it had Hebrew inscriptions on all four sides; Melech Eretz - King Of The Earth; Toras Hashem - The Law Of The Lord; D’var Hashem - The Word Of The Lord; and Kodesh Kodashim - Holy Of Holies.  They named it the Keystone because of its unique shape.

A picture of "The Keystone", one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones.

A picture of "The Keystone", one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones. (J. Huston McCulloch /Public Domain)

No record was kept of the exact location it was found, what direction it was pointing, or if it was found in a tomb.  The study of archaeology at this point in time was in its infancy and very few treasure hunters were keeping detailed records of their discoveries.

Rod or Staff of God?

The stone resembles a spearhead, or the tip of a rod or staff, in my mind.  Moses and his brother Aaron both had staffs throughout their most important milestones.  The staff was called the Rod or Staff of God in Moses’ case and Aaron’s Rod for Moses’ brothers.  It is written in Hebrew 9:4 that Aaron’s Rod was kept in the Ark of the Covenant.  I do not know if there is any written record of inscriptions on either staff, but if they did have inscriptions, I would think; King of Earth, Law of the Lord, Word of the Lord, and Holy of Holies, would be very likely candidates for those inscriptions.     

Finding the keystone took Wyrick and his friends to the next level in treasure hunting.  Five months later he came across 12 (some say 15) small burials arranged in a small circle with one large burial site in the center, at a site called Jackson Town Stone Mound. 

The site where the objects were found is known as The Newark Earthworks, Newark, Ohio, USA. 19th-century plan of the Works

The site where the objects were found is known as The Newark Earthworks, Newark, Ohio, USA. 19th-century plan of the Works (Public Domain)

The site, a pyramid-shaped mound, 50 feet (15 meters) high and 200 feet (61 meters) wide, had been excavated in the past, in fact over 15,000 wagon-loads of stone had been removed between 1831 and 1832.  The material was transported and used to build the Ohio and Erie canal.  At the base level the remains of a wooden (oak) trough or coffin (radiocarbon dated Cal AD-70 to Cal AD-230 with a 95 percent probability) with some human remains were still visible. 

Newark Holy Stones Collection

Newark Holy Stones Collection (Source:

Wyrick decided to dig below and deeper at this site and found a small sandstone box, 18 inches (46 cm) long and 12 inches (30 cm) wide, which was under the wooden object and under a layer of white clay that had not been disturbed. The sandstone case was cemented shut. One of Wyrick’s men found a small whole in the base of the case and blew into it and the case opened. They found a small limestone slab, six and 7/8 inches (17.5 cm) long, one and 5/8 inches (four cm) thick, and two and 7/8 inches (seven cm) wide, perfectly encased in the small, sandstone box.

 On one side of the limestone slab was a male human figure with the name Moshe (Moses) in Hebrew carved above it. The figure was dressed in robes and wearing a turban.  The rest of the stone was completely covered in Hebrew characters, which were translated as a reproduction of the Ten Commandments, although not complete as we think of them today. Wyrick called the limestone slab ‘The Decalogue Stone’.

A picture of "The Decalogue", one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones.

A picture of "The Decalogue", one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones. (J. Huston McCulloch/Public Domain)

The Decalogue Stone and the Ark

I think a better name might be the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, although it is not incased in gold, has only one tablet instead of two, and does not meet the measurements of the Ark, as described in the Bible. However, it does contain a written testimony in ancient Hebrew of the ten commandments, carved in stone, sealed in a box and buried next to an ancient pyramid. 

It would have taken a pretty good stone mason to split a piece of sandstone in half, chisel out the inside to hold the exact measurements of the Decalogue stone, carve the male figure on a piece of limestone, then chisel the ten commandments in Hebrew all around the stone, cement it shut, and bury it 12 feet (3.6 meters) deep below a grave site back in 1860.  I think if Wyrick and his team were trying to get publicity for some reason they would have come up with better names for the stones. 

What Does the Keystone Unlock?    

Historians point to the fact that one of Wyrick’s helpers, John Nicol, the local dentist, had been implicated in a hoax concerning two holy stones two years after Wyrick death.  Nicol said he planted the stones on Wilson’s Farm east of town to discredit Wyrick’s earlier discoveries. This is one reason why the stones are considered forgeries and everyone questions their authenticity. Wyrick committed suicide in 1864, four years after his discoveries at the age of 56, a broken man.  

Two, eight-square plumb bobs were also found with the Decalogue Stone.  They are hardly ever mentioned and, at the present time, are lost.  Ancient civilizations used plumb bobs to build the pyramids, find true north, south, east, and west, find the winter and summer solstices, as well as the equinox and lunar cycles.  I am sure the mound builders used plum bobs in their construction of the mounds.

A plumb bob was the only clue the builders of the Great Pyramid left us inside one of the shafts leading into the Queen’s chamber (found in 1872).   All the measurements done at the mounds of Ohio, were also done at Chaco Canyon in southern New Mexico, but over a much greater distance.   

Native American Plumb bob (Lenape, Proto-Munsee), Prehistoric, Harrisburg, PA.

Native American Plumb bob (Lenape, Proto-Munsee), Prehistoric, Harrisburg, PA. (Source: American Decorative Arts Curator's Fund)

One of Wyrick’s workers found a small sandstone cup the same day that they discovered the Decalogue stone.  I know of no other sandstone cup found in a Native American site.  Gourds and ceramic ladles, bowls or canteens were used for cups.  Again, no record of where it was found was recorded by the group.

Cup from the Newark Stones Collection

Cup from the Newark Stones Collection (Source:

Could this be the cup used at the last supper?  It’s unknown how to prove this, but if there was some way to find where the people who were buried with the cup came from, we might be able to pinpoint a place of its original origin. 

An image of the artifacts in the Newark Stones Collection

An image of the artifacts in the Newark Stones Collection (‘The Mystery of the Newark Holy Stones/

In 2008, Dr. Shlush gathered the DNA from the remains of the Hopewell mound builders near Newark, Ohio.  He found a new string of DNA called X2A, which he concluded, was only found in one other location in the world, the Hills of Galilee, in Israel.

Skeptics say that:

There is no credible archaeological or genetic evidence to suggest that any Old World peoples migrated to the Americas after the initial incursion from Siberia prior to the tentative forays of the Norse beginning at around 1000 CE other than limited contacts between Siberia and the American arctic.

-Skeptical Inquirer Volume 36. 1 Jan. 2012

Hopi Creation Story May Shed Light

I believe there is credible evidence: the Hopi Creation Story.   Frank Waters lived with the Hopi for three years starting in 1963, working on the Book of the Hopi.  He interviewed over 30 Hopi elders and the first thing the elders wanted to tell him was their creation story, where we all came from.  I lived with the Hopi for four years in the early ‘70s, seven years later, and I believe the Hopi story can be proven. 

The story begins by saying that all four races of man were created equal at the same time (after the ice caps melted and there was a great flood) and the same place, (Egypt).  Different guardians taught each race different languages, customs, religions and distributed them around the planet. The Hopi remember crossing a large ocean (the pacific) on small wooden rafts always traveling east and landing on the west side of this continent (Monte Verde, Chile). Their guardian, called Masaw, was waiting for them there and directed them to travel north to their permanent home, where they live to this day. It's believed he also told them that the people coming down from the north, much later across the land bridge, were not to be trusted (the Navajo and Apache?). Five or six other tribes could have come to the Americas from the east at this time across the Atlantic Ocean.

In legend, Masaw knew there would be skeptics in the future. He gave the Hopi a stone tablet to prove that he existed, which gave them title to the land he had provided for them.   He broke off one corner of the tablet and took it back across the ocean with him.  When the corner of the stone is found and brought back (they wait on the winter solstice each year) it will have to match precisely the tablet they have in their possession.  It’s felt there will be no question that their story is true as no one can falsify the missing corner; the inscriptions will have to match. I believe, the corner of the stone has been protected for centuries by guardians, in the sanctuary of the Ark of the Covenant at Axum, for just this reason.   

I do not understand why skeptics ignore living, talking, human beings. Perhaps they should concentrate on why the mound builders built mounds? Why the pyramid builders built pyramids?  Why did past civilizations worry about earth’s delicate balance in space; watching the moon cycles (our balance), the solstices (the tilt), and the equinox (the perfect balance)?  What were the ancient ones trying to tell us about Earth’s balance, and why?   The Hopi creation story might hold the clue.  

The entire collection is on display at the Johnson-Humrick-House Museum, Coshocton, Ohio, for everyone’s inspection and evaluation.  


Thomas O. Mills  is author of  Stonehenge, If This Was East , and The Book Of Truth:  A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story.  Mills uses his knowledge of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles to connect ancient sites around the world. 


Top Image: The Decalogue, The Keystone, and a 19 th century plan of the Newark Earthworks, and Tawa, the sun spirit and creator in Hopi mythology. (Public Domain); Deriv

By Thomas O. Mills

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AintGottaClue's picture

Well, that's a good to "prove it!" Conjecture is one thing, proof is another. I suppose the mere existence of the structures could be taken as "proof," but what satisfies you or me is not gonna satisfy the "establishment." Circumstantial evidence is abundant, direct proof is pretty much non-existent. Short of a "time machine," and going back and taking pictures of the "aliens" providing assistance to ancient people, It's pretty unlikely the establishment is going to change its tune anytime soon. There ARE a few signs of things to come,though...some conventional scientists ARE beginning to admit that "evolution" doesn't account for all the answers, there really is no explanation for some of the "historical anomalies," and the Rh Negative issue is virtually impossible to explain without considering alien genetic manipulation. So,there may be some dim light at the end of the tunnel, starting to show through. Eventually even "circumstantial" evidence builds to the point where it just can't be ignored, and I think we are nearing that point. Even after you discount all the frauds and hoaxes over the years, it is becoming obvious that true history is a wee bit different than the textbooks present. Hopefully the next few years will see more and more "conventional scientists/historians" joining in to question the accuracy of "ancient history."

History is nowhere near as well known as we think it is.

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Morning Aintgottaclue, Makes sense to me too. So how would we prove it. We know that small amounts of weight at specific locations can effect the location of our poles:
If past civilizations left us clues where N, S, E, and W were located in the past and we knew where the poles were located then we could tell what time periods they were built. Hapgood with Ainstein's approval wrote a book called Path of the Poles. They came up with four different pole locations during the last 100,000 years that might correspond to the four previous worlds, 75,000, 50,000, 25,000, & 12,500, years ago when our present climate began after the ice melted and there was a great flood. If you turn earth and a place like stonehenge to the direction of east indicated by the structure to east at equinox, then north would be 60 degrees north, 73 degrees west is the exact location that Hapgood suggested for location of the north pole around 11,000 B.C.......Adams Calendar in Africa, 75,000 years ago, Tiahuanaco our present north pole, Baalbek 50,000 years ago. So many of these ancient sites actually showed the north, south, east and west locations when they were built. They did not have anything to do with when to plant and harvest. Just my thoughts. tom

Thomas O. Mills

AintGottaClue's picture

Makes sense to me. Considering global history, it fits right in with what we know about the geology of the planet. It would also account for why the various "races" are/were found in various parts of the world. "Natural evolution" does not account for why the various races exist in the first place. The "climate adaptation" theory does not really work all that well, and it certainly wouldn't work over such short time spans as we see when supposedly everyone came "out-of-Africa," and migrated to the various parts of the world. "Evolution," or even adaptation, simply do not work that speedily. In the "Creator, his Nephew, and Female Friend, simply substitute the word "aliens," and you have the very same legend as is seen with virtually every early civilization (advanced or not). Even the undeveloped African tribes have a verbal history of some form of contact with "aliens." In fact, the Dogon Tribe of Mali , in W. Africa, has a rather lengthy legend of contact with aliens going back over several thousand years and supposedly this is where they acquired their knowledge of astronomy.This legend has been disputed, but never disproven. The Hopi Creation Story fits right in and I see no reason to cast any doubts on their account. You state, " the black man evolved in Africa, the yellow man in Asia, the red man in the Americans, and the white man in Europe," and anyone who examines history from a "racial" viewpoint must be struck by this geographic distribution. In fact, viewing history from a "racial perspective" gives one a completely different view of history than the school/college textbooks would have us, we are NOT all the "same," and historical development was not the "same," either. (In fact, the Native Americans, particularly the Eastern Tribes, were a heck of a lot more advanced than just about anyone wants to give them credit for, and their system of government worked better than the European governments of the same time frame!)

History is nowhere near as well known as we think it is.

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Hello Aintgottaclue, The Hopi Creation explains it pretty well for me. The Creator was traveling through space looking for a place to create. He had his Nephew and a female friend, SpiderWomen, with him. They found earth but it had a problem, it was out of balance. The Creator told SpiderWomen to fix the problem and she did (pyramids?)and two twins formed on each pole, (ice caps?)and they keep the earth in balance. The Nephew put the planets in gentle order (the moon?). They then produced man but he ran with the animals and had a had time speaking or reproducing (Neanderthals?)So they tried again and produced the four races of mankind, black, yellow, red, and white which could speak, think, and reproduce. Guardians were sent with each race to teach them languages, customs, beliefs and all went well until they forgot to respect the Creator and his teachings. The Creator told his Nephew to destroy the first world with fire. All the volcanoes opened up, global warming, polar ice caps melted, and a few chosen people were safe inside a large ant hill (pyramid) for many days as the earth cooled off and plants started to grow again. This was the end of the first world and the start of second. The Creator said he would try 7 times to populate the earth. The Hopi believe we are on the 4th attempt. The Second world was destroyed by ice and the third was destroyed by water. Each time the people were distributed around the earth with different guardians who taught them different languages, traits, customs, and religions. So this might explain how advanced civilizations rose up and disappeared at different periods of time and how the black man evolved in Africa, the yellow man in Asia, the red man in the Americans, and the white man in Europe. This is my very short version of their story. all the best. tom

Thomas O. Mills

AintGottaClue's picture

Will check out Yates' book and Sofaer's DVD. Anything I can learn about the Anasazi will be welcome, as they just don't seem to "fit in" with ordinary history. Also want to check out your writings....I'm a little "slow" at times...just checked and discovered you are an author, yourself! Duhhhh! Just out of curiousity, what do you think of the Rh Negative blood factor controversy?

I am one of those who believe that a small group of humans were subject to genetic manipulation by an alien people at some point in history, most likely around 6 -8,000 BC (think Sumerians). Without some form of "alien intervention," it is extremely difficult to otherwise explain the sudden rise of full-blown, modernistic civilization complete with advanced knowledge from "A-Z," while at the very same time, the REST of humanity was still living in the same "primitive tribal villages," as are seen for thousands of years before the "Sumerian" civilization, and thousands of years afterwards, as well. In my opinion, to think that one small group (like the Sumerians) just "suddenly put it all together" along the evolutionary trail, without intervention, is just plain ridiculous. There were other examples as well, in S. America and NW India, and all have one thing in common...their own historical records claim they were taught/aided by aliens. "Primitive man" just doesn't suddenly visualize aliens, flying machines, and advanced knowledge, out of the blue...those concepts wouldn't even exist for primitive humans....and conventional theories simply do not account for the sudden rise of these advanced civilizations that popped up in several locations in the same time frame around 6-8000 BC. Some "conventional historians" are now admitting there really is "no explanation" for the sudden appearance of the advanced civilization/advanced knowledge exhibited by the Sumerians, the natives of S. America, or the NW Indians, or why ALL of them have specific histories of being aided/taught by aliens, who then returned to the heavens from whence they came. And then you have things crop up like the Rh Negative issue, which is virtually impossible to explain without there having been "alien genetic manipulation." Aside from humans there are allegedly 611 OTHER species of primates on earth and not a single one of them has the Rh Negative factor. "Natural evolutionary mutation" does not account for it.....there are too many things going against THAT "theory." First of all, 98% of all natural mutations are either neutral and do nothing, or they are detrimental and soon die out. Of those that ARE "beneficial," it takes centuries or thousands of years for the mutation to take hold and become stable. Natural mutation simply does not account for the "sudden appearance" of the factor, nor does it account for the literally overnight rise of advanced civilization, with ZERO evidence of pre-advanced movement toward that level of advancement. In short, without considering the possibility of "alien intervention," there really is no way to explain the sudden appearance of any advanced civilization complete with advanced knowledge of everything from "A-Z." Such "sudden appearance" does not even remotely fit evolution theory, which requires slow development over extremely long periods of time.

History is nowhere near as well known as we think it is.


Thomas O. Mills's picture


Thomas O. Mills had the opportunity to manage the Hopi Cultural Center at Second Mesa, Arizona for four years when it first opened in the early 70’s.

He has a deep respect for the Hopi People and believes their Creation... Read More

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