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Nikola Tesla Revealed an Astounding Theory About the Pyramids (Video)

Nikola Tesla Revealed an Astounding Theory About the Pyramids (Video)


Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor whose contributions to the fields of electrical engineering and physics revolutionized the modern world. However, in addition to his many groundbreaking inventions, Tesla was also interested in the mysteries of the ancient world. According to this video, Tesla believed that the pyramids of Egypt contained an incredible amount of energy and may have been designed to generate a powerful energy field.

Tesla's theories about the pyramids were based on his understanding of electromagnetism, a field in which he was a leading expert. He believed that the pyramids harnessed the power of electromagnetism to generate energy. In fact, he even submitted a patent application for what he called "The art of transmitting electrical energy through a natural medium". While many of Tesla's theories about the pyramids remain controversial and unproven, they are a testament to his unique and visionary perspective on the world around him.

Top image: Great Pyramid of Egypt as a power transmitter. Source: Johlan Higs / Adobe Stock.

By Joanna Gillan



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Of course the pyramids were a much more elegant and advanced version of Wardenclyffe, among other things

infinitesimal waveparticles comprise what we call home the earth
manipulatable by thought ability supressed in humans since birth

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