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Ancient windmills, Iran. Source: ghiaseddin / Adobe Stock.

Watch 1,000-Year-Old Windmills in Action (Video)


Located in the remote Chiffon village in northeast Iran, a collection of 1,000-year-old windmills still stand tall and proud, their blades whirring steadily in the strong winds that blow across the area. These windmills, carefully designed to protect the village from the devastating winds, also utilize the wind power to grind grains and provide energy for other tasks, making them a testament to the timeless wisdom of the region's engineers.

Made of natural materials like clean straw, these windmills are a rare example of ancient technology that still operates today. Unfortunately, the knowledge of how to maintain and operate these ancient marvels has been passed down to only a handful of individuals like Mr. Latta body, the last remaining custodian of the windmills. Latta has no heirs and it’s feared that when he dies so will these amazing historic monuments.

Top image: Ancient windmills, Iran. Source: ghiaseddin / Adobe Stock.

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