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Ancient Edessa: Kizilkoyun Necropolis And The Villa Of The Amazons

Ancient Edessa: Kizilkoyun Necropolis And The Villa Of The Amazons

The Balıklıgöl basin, located today in the centre of modern Sanliurfa in Turkiye, was once the centre of Edessa, capitol of the Kingdom of Osroene, which declared its independence in 132 BC from the...
The beginning of time. Ancient site of Gōbekli Tepe in Turkey. (Haluk /Adobe Stock)

Anatolia’s Gōbekli Tepe And New Mexico’s Pueblo Bonito – Similar Necropolis Sites?

How would one describe Gōbekli Tepe, and all the other Tepe sites in the Şanlıurfa Province, south-eastern Anatolia? One might opine that these ancient sites contain a cluster of circular enclosures...
Urfa Castle, Şanlıurfa, Turkey (Bernard Gagnon/  CC BY-SA 3.0)

From Urfa To Edessa To Şanlıurfa: Spanning 10,000 Years Of History

During the Hellenistic Period from 312 BC to 63 BC, the Seleucid Empire was a major superpower and at its apex encompassed Anatolia, Persia, the Levant, (now modern Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan...
Are The Gōbekli Tepe Enclosures Giant Lunisolar Calendars?

Are The Gōbekli Tepe Enclosures Giant Lunisolar Calendars?

Situated in southern Turkey near the upper Euphrates, Gōbekli Tepe has become famous for its surprisingly advanced megalithic architecture and symbolism, seemingly too early for the hunter-gather...
Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler means “Stone Hills” and refers to an area covering some 200 kilometers (124 miles) in ancient Anatolia, now Turkey, in the vicinity of present day Şanlıurfa . The Turkish Tourist Board...
Top left: Cuzco, Peru. Top right: Western Italy. Bottom left: Alaca Hoyuk, Turkey. Bottom right: Casing stones on pyramid on Giza plateau.

Did Megalithic Sites in Turkey and Peru Share the Same Architects?

6,500 years before Stonehenge and 7,000 years before the pyramids were constructed, a cult megalithic complex sat atop the hills near current day Sanliurfa, in southeast Turkey. Göbekli Tepe was...
The Stone Age rock tombs recently found at the Kizilkoyun Necropolis area not far from Göbekli Tepe .            Source: AA News Broadcasting System (HAS)

Stone Age Rock Tombs Found Near Göbekli Tepe Provide More Ancient Clues

Göbekli Tepe , in Turkey, is regarded as one of the most important Stone Age archaeological sites in the world. It has changed our view of how civilization developed. Recently, archaeologists working...
Harran Ruins. ( Gerry Lynch/ CC BY-SA 3.0)

Harran Sanliurfa, City Of Prophets And Jerusalem Of Ancient Anatolia

The Lord said to Abram: “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name...
Ancient Site of Gobekli Tepe in SanliUrfa, Turkey, The Oldest Temple of the World. (Haluk/ Adobe Stock)

Göbekli Tepe, Birth of Civilization and Religion

Before the invention of pottery, before the birth of agriculture, before the advent of what is now called civilization, there was Göbekli Tepe. In one of the most stunning archaeological discoveries...