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Sumerian Ziggurat. Source: Michael Rosskothen / Adobe Stock

View the Majesty of a Sumerian Ziggurat in 3D Virtual Tour (Video)

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A Sumerian ziggurat was a towering, stepped structures built in ancient Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago. They were constructed by the Sumerians, who were one of the earliest civilizations in human history. These impressive structures were made of mud bricks and featured a temple at the top, which was believed to be a place where the gods could dwell and communicate with humans. Ziggurats were considered sacred and were built as a symbol of the civilization's devotion to their gods. They were also believed to have played a role in the flood myth of the region, where they were thought to provide a safe haven for humans and animals during the great deluge. While most ziggurats have since crumbled, a few ruins still remain, serving as a reminder of the ancient world and its grand architectural achievements.

This 3D virtual tour allows you to experience the majesty of a Sumerian ziggurat in exceptional detail. As you explore the intricate details of the ancient structure, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the Sumerians' impressive engineering and architectural skills. This immersive experience is a great way to learn more about the fascinating history and culture of the ancient Near East.

Top image: Sumerian Ziggurat. Source: Michael Rosskothen / Adobe Stock

By Joanna Gillan



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Rock quarries can be made anywhere. But it takes knowledge, skills, abilities and desire to do the heavy work.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

Or maybe it was because good building stone is scarce in the Euphrates river valley.

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Unlike the Atlantean-era megalith stone ruins, which include Egypt and still stand strong, drawing tourists, ziggurats were built with mud bricks, which gradually eroded over the centuries, becoming dangerous and inhabitable, and eventually ugly relics of that lesser, but more modern culture.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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Joanna Gillan is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. 

Joanna completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree in Australia and published research in the field of Educational Psychology. She has a rich and varied career, ranging from teaching... Read More

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