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Egyptian Writings

The ancient Egyptians were a highly literate society, with a rich tradition of writing that spanned thousands of years. Their writing system, hieroglyphics, was one of the earliest forms of writing in the world, and their language and literature continue to fascinate and inspire people today.

Egyptian writings were used for a variety of purposes, from recording history and religious beliefs to everyday communication and commerce. The hieroglyphic script consisted of hundreds of individual symbols, each with its own meaning and significance. The Egyptians also developed a cursive script, known as hieratic, which was used for everyday writing and was faster and easier to use  than hieroglyphics.

Colossal statue of Amenhotep III in the British Museum. (Public Domain) Background: Detail of Amarna letter: Royal Letter from Abi-milku of Tyre to the king of Egypt. (CC0)

To the King, My Sun, My God, the Breath of My Life… Amarna Letters Paint Remarkable Picture of Ancient Egyptian Rulership

“Your city weeps, and her tears are running, and there is no help for us. For 20 years we have been sending to our lord, the king, the king of Egypt, but there has not come to us a word from our lord...