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Ron Nodvik

I’m Ron Nodvik, a certified hypnotherapist, hypnosis trainer, and stage hypnotist who received my B.A. in Classical Civilization with a minor in Old Testament Theology from the University of Southern California. After that I performed graduate work in Egyptology at UCLA (until their sole Egyptology professor died of AIDS with no replacement in sight at the time). That being the case, I ended up getting a job as an analyst for the State in order to support my family; while playing lead guitar in a rather rebellious progressive hard rock power trio on my time off (and getting a little airplay on KROQ back then too).

But for me it all started when I was just nine or ten and my dad (a physics professor who taught at USC) took me to see Pat Collins, “The Hip Hypnotist,” who had her very own dinner club and hypnotist show in Hollywood. At that young age, I was absolutely astounded and never forgot about what I saw ever since. Then, years later, I heard about a seminar about hypnosis being presented not far from where I lived and paid to attend.

But, instead of just sitting listening to someone talk about hypnosis as I had expected, the presenter (hypnotist Mark Cunningham) had us all get up, pick a partner, and take turns hypnotizing one another. To my surprise, I succeeded on my first try and found I had a knack for it (fortunately for me, it apparently only takes an average intelligence to learn how to perform hypnosis). That marked the beginning of literally hundreds of hours of hypnosis training, including courses in stage hypnotism, the knowledge about which became a major tool for assisting me to back-engineer instances of ancient hypnosis.

Ancient Hypnosis , in three volumes, is the first endeavor of its kind—a topic that has, up to now, never been researched or explored in full ever before.


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The Pyramid texts discovered within the tomb of Unas at Saqqara in Egypt. Source: EvrenKalinbacak / Adobe Stock

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