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The Roman bronze plaque measures only 26-28 mm in diameter. Source: Museum Vestsjaelland

Roman Era Bronze Plaque Showing Alexander the Great Found in Denmark

During explorations on the Danish Island of Zealand, a pair of amateur archaeologists unearthed a small but remarkable artifact. While using metal detectors to search for coins or other items at a...
The Pre-Viking sword found by metal detectorists in eastern Denmark.

Well-Preserved 3,000-Year-Old Pre-Viking Sword Unearthed in Denmark is Still Sharp

By Michael Wing / Epoch Times On the large island of Zealand, located in eastern Denmark, two amateur archaeologists fortuitously decided to bring their metal detector along with them on a stroll...
Spirals of Golden Thread Uncovered in Denmark

Beautiful and Enigmatic Spirals of Golden Thread Uncovered in Denmark

Two thousand winding spirals of golden metal threads have been discovered by archaeologists in a field in southwestern Zealand, Denmark. The glittering masses of golden metal threads spun into...
Ancient ring fortress - Vikings

Newly-discovered ancient fortress reveals architectural accomplishments of Vikings

Archaeologists in Denmark have discovered a ring-shaped Viking fortress on the Danish island of Zealand, which historians believe may have been used to train warriors before launching an invasion of...
Ancient Viking Riches in Denmark

Ancient Viking Riches Unearthed on a Farm in Denmark

Archaeologists have uncovered a series of lavish Viking jewellery items at a farm site on Zealand, the largest island in Denmark, dating back 1,300 years. It is thought that the items may be...