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British court wig. Source: Anneke / Adobe Stock.

The British Tradition of Wig Wearing in the Courtroom (Video)

The meticulous art of handcrafting legal wigs for British courts weaves a tapestry of tradition that reaches back through the annals of time, tracing its origins to the late 17th century . Entrusted...
Elaborate medieval hairstyle. Source: QuietWord / Adobe Stock.

US 'Hair Archaeologist' Recreates Elaborate Ancient Hairstyles (Video)

Janet Stephens, a modern-day hairstylist , has embarked on an extraordinary journey to recreate ancient coifs from Greek and Roman civilizations. These intricate hairstyles were so elaborate that...
Main: Earliest surviving beadnet dress with the lozenge pattern (CC by SA 3.0). Inset: A bead-net dress. Photo source: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Dress like an Egyptian: Fashion, Style and Simplicity in Ancient Egyptian Clothing

The ancient Egyptians may have created some of the most mind-bogglingly complex and intricate monuments known to man, but when it came to clothing, they kept it remarkably simple. Ancient Egyptian...
The history of shaving reveals how ideals of beauty and body politics have changed over time. Source: master1305 / Adobe Stock

Style, Sanitation and Control: The Ever-Changing History of Shaving

Let’s face it, shaving is a total inconvenience, whether it be your beard, legs, or something else. Yet most of us regularly do it in some form or another. Why? When did this trend begin? Well,...
Egyptian couple wearing formal wigs of the 4th of 5th dynasties.

Changing Beauty: The Use of Elaborate Wigs in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians are known by many as a historical symbol of ancient beauty, vanity, and hygiene. Appearance was very important in the country near the Nile River. The way people looked was a symbol...