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Westminster Abbey

Tomb inside Westminster Abbey. Source: Stefano / Adobe Stock.

The Incredible Royal Tombs of Westminster Abbey (Video)

Westminster Abbey houses the incredible royal tombs that chronicle British history. Its tombs , statues, monuments, and effigies serve as a testament to the changing nature of memorialization over...
A chapel to worship St Erasmus has been discovered at Westminster Abbey, shown here. Source: Richie Chan / Adobe Stock

Lost Medieval Chapel Sheds Light on Royal Burials at Westminster Abbey

New evidence, helping to form a 15th century reconstruction of part of Westminster Abbey, demonstrates how a section of the building was once the focus for the royal family’s devotion to the cult of...
The archaeological dig site of the Westminster Abbey Sacristy will be part of the abbey’s Hidden Highlights tours this summer at Westminster Abbey, photographed above. Source: coward_lion / Adobe Stock

Henry III’s Rediscovered Westminster Abbey Sacristy Opens to Tourists

The long-lost Great Sacristy of Henry III, built nearly eight centuries ago and rediscovered in 2020, will be open to the public for the first time this summer. The 13th century king ordered this...
One of the most exciting discoveries made during the excavation of the Great Sacristy at Westminster Abbey is the skeleton of a monk in “extraordinary condition”, which could hold valuable archaeological data.           Source: Westminster Abbey

Hundreds of Skeletons Uncovered During Westminster Abbey Excavation

The decomposed body parts of hundreds of medieval monks have been uncovered on the grounds of Westminster Abbey in London, during the excavation of the long-lost Great Sacristy of Westminster Abbey...
At the Monastery Gate by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1846)

The Plight of the Poor: Monastic Charity and Almonries in Medieval England

Until recently, it was believed that monasteries were lax and inefficient in distributing alms to the poor, but Dr. Neil Rushton ’s research indicates that monastic almonries in medieval England were...
Britain’s Oldest Door is in Westminster Abbey

Britain’s Oldest Door is Westminster Abbey Relic that May Have Been Covered in Human Skin

Doors are an integral part of a building, and have been made commonly of wood or metal in the past. As an organic material, wood is highly susceptible to deterioration. Nevertheless, in some...
Dozens of skeletons found underneath Westminster Abbey lavatory block. Credit: Dan Kitwood

Fifty Ancient Skeletons Found Crammed Together under Westminster Abbey Toilet Block

Westminster Abbey, the traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs, is one of the most popular historic sites in England. During a recent excavation in the great Abbey, some fifty...