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Jwala Ji Temple, India. Source: Nswn03 / CC by SA 3.0.

India’s Jwala Ji Temple Has a Flame That Has Been Burning for Over 100 Years


In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh lies a marvel that eloquently blends natural phenomenon with spiritual fervor – the Jwala Ji Temple, famed for its eternal flame. Home to a so-called eternal flame that has been burning ceaselessly for over a century, the temple resonates with legends and spiritual significance, invoking wonder and reverence in equal measure.

The Science Behind the Eternal Flame

Situated amidst the picturesque Kangra valley, the Jwala Ji Temple houses a flame that emerges from the earth, fueled by natural gas deposits found underground. This fascinating geological occurrence lends itself to a fire that has been burning continuously, reportedly for more than a hundred years, defying natural odds and becoming a spectacle of scientific interest.

The mechanism behind this phenomenon is the release of natural gas from the earth's crust, mainly consisting of methane, which is combustible. Yet, while science can explain the mechanics, it's the legends woven around this phenomenon that truly captivate the imagination of those who visit the sacred site.

A natural gas ever-burning flame, like the one found in the Jwala Ji Temple. Source: lkpro / Adobe Stock.

A natural gas ever-burning flame, like the one found in the Jwala Ji Temple. Source: lkpro / Adobe Stock.

Legends and Lore Surrounding Jwala Ji

Apart from its geological marvel, Jwala Ji Temple is the epicenter of several intriguing legends deeply rooted in Hindu mythology. The most popular tale associates the flame with the goddess Jwala Ji, an embodiment of the fiery tongue of the goddess Sati, a consort of Lord Shiva. According to the lore, Sati's body parts scattered across the Indian subcontinent, with her tongue falling at this precise location. The continuous flame is thus regarded as a manifestation of the goddess herself, forever marking her spiritual presence at the site.

This mythological backdrop lends a rich spiritual dimension to the temple, drawing a multitude of pilgrims and tourists alike, keen to witness the divine flame and to offer their prayers to the goddess Jwala Ji, seeking her blessings and protection.

The Jwala Ji Temple stands as a vibrant emblem of India's cultural and spiritual heritage, offering a unique blend of natural phenomenon and rich mythology. Whether one approaches it with a scientific lens or a spiritual one, it offers a remarkable narrative, underpinned by an eternal flame that burns bright, kindling curiosity and reverence in the hearts of those who visit it.

Top image: Jwala Ji Temple, India. Source: Nswn03 / CC by SA 3.0.

By Joanna Gillan

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