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Imperial national library of Vienna, Austria. Source: Davidzfr / Adobe Stock.

The World’s Most Magnificent Libraries (Video)

Discover the allure of the world’s most magnificent libraries, where centuries of knowledge are housed in enchanting spaces. From the historic Trinity Library in Dublin to the sprawling Library of...
Lake monster. Source: lubomira08 / Adobe Stock

Mysterious Lake Monster Causes Underwater Eruption (Video)

In June 2017, kayakers in Washington encounter a strange occurrence on Yale Lake. As they navigate the water, the kayakers witness a sudden underwater eruption that is later attributed to a possible...
Ghosts of Presidents Past In The Oval Office

Ghosts of Presidents Past In The Oval Office

Ghost stories abound about American presidents haunting the Oval Office. Wandering spirits returning from the dead to haunt the places they lived and worked in have been central components in...
Pipe residues reveal Native American smoking habits from centuries ago. Source: DedMityay /Adobe Stock

Ancient Pipes Reveal What Natives Americans Were Smoking

American researchers have used ground-breaking technologies to make discoveries about Native American smoking habits . They have, for the first time, found traces of a non-tobacco plant in a pipe...
Satanists are involved in a spiritual fight to perform the invocation at the Washington state Capital Building. Source: sfpater / Adobe Stock.

God Vs Satan In Washington State Showdown

While the world’s media was reporting on the impeachment trial of US president Donald Trump being thrown out of court, members of the Washington state chapter of The Satanic Temple were petitioning...

Ancient Tattoo Tool Rewrites the History of Native American Ink

A Ph.D. student has made an astonishing discovery - the earliest known Native American tattoo artifact. It is estimated that it is 2000-years-old and came from the very important Basket-maker II...
Why Did Parents in the Chinookan tribe Perform Cranial Deformation on their Babies?

Why Did Parents in the Chinookan tribe Perform Cranial Deformation on their Babies?

Beauty is a fickle thing. Worse than that, it is (as often as not) one of the most painful goals in the realms of the wealthy and elite. In China, the binding of feet was once seen to create...
Kennewick Man

The Mysterious Kennewick Man still hangs in Limbo

Nearly two decades ago, two young men stumbled across a human skull in the Columbian River at Kennewick, Washington. The discovery ended up being one of the biggest archaeological finds of a...