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Rock art prehistoric aboriginal cave paintings of human silhouettes. Source: Jan/Adobe Stock

Five Fascinating Mysteries About Prehistoric Australia (Video)


The Aboriginal culture provides a captivating glimpse into ancient human societies, potentially tracing back to the earliest human migrations out of Africa. Before Western contact, their history was faithfully transmitted through oral traditions, shedding light on prehistoric Australia. One intriguing mystery surrounds the arrival of humans in Australia, with debates over whether they arrived by primitive boats or on foot via land bridges.

Recent studies suggest a combination of both modes of transportation, with evidence pointing to a migration between 70,000 and 50,000 years ago when the Indonesian islands, New Guinea, and Australia were connected as Sahul.

Another fascinating aspect is Wurdi Youang, an ancient stone arrangement in Victoria believed to have been used for tracking celestial movements, possibly for agricultural purposes. Surprisingly, genetic evidence suggests a connection between Aboriginal Australians and Amazonian tribes, indicating complex ancient migrations.

Additionally, Aboriginal oral traditions uniquely document rising sea levels after the last ice age, providing valuable insights into prehistoric environmental changes. Uluru, a monumental sandstone formation, holds deep cultural significance and mythological tales of ancestral camps and legendary creatures, including the Devil Dingo and the Mala. These aspects of Aboriginal culture offer profound insights into humanity's ancient past.

Top image: Rock art prehistoric aboriginal cave paintings of human silhouettes. Source: Jan/Adobe Stock                            

By Robbie Mitchell



If any historian is unsure of how Aboriginal history is now totally political, he or she does not want to know.

Webster's dictionary states that a Murrayian is "a member of an almost extinct ethnic group of southeastern Australia."

They're not close to extinction. Nor are they restricted to the south-east. One Murrayian widow complained frequently about Captain Cook stealing Aboriginal land, yet could not leave her welfare money lying around her house without young men from her community helping themselves in the belief that what's hers is theirs. No charges have ever been laid, of course.

The irony is, as Murrayians, all in this community are descendants of land-stealers, murderers and rapists. In that sense, they are no different. Who alive today is not thus?

I welcome Aboriginal people telling their history. But if it's not the whole uncensored truth it isn't their history. Sanitised or pretend versions are simply the product of well-packaged lies.

Why paedophilia, infanticide, wife-beating, loaning a wife out to a welcome visitor and various other documented, unsavoury traditional practises are not to be discussed is no mystery.

Those who run Australia from the outside, whom I coukd have joined (so I know they exist), use Aboriginal activism to help destroy Australia from the inside. For example, Uluru is now much more sacred than it was back in the mid 20th century. This is driven by the media, historians, schools and academia.

History is often about the winners fabricating events. The idea of Aboriginal Australians as always victims is naïve or disingenuous. Some Aboriginal activists are known Satanists. They use their "communities" for their own purposes. They have no personal advantage in advantaging their communities. They personally are advantaged by disadvantaging them.

In many cases, all disadvantaged remote communities are offered is perpetual welfare, bad diets, poor health care (some were forcibly vaccinated against their will) and a narrative of their history which is not even true, sometimes told by famous 'Aboriginal' persons who have no actual Aboriginal ancestry at all, yet claim it anyway.

The tri-hybrid theory of Australian Aboriginality of a century ago has never been disproved. Yet, why we are not allowed to discuss that is another non-mystery.

The second Australians genocided the first Australians, but it wasn't the British who were responsible (as brutish as some Brits could be). It was the ancestors of most Aboriginal activists today and their ancestors' victims have been written out of history having become too inconvenient to the plans of the ruling global elites.

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I’m a graduate of History and Literature from The University of Manchester in England and a total history geek. Since a young age, I’ve been obsessed with history. The weirder the better. I spend my days working as a freelance... Read More

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