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Khanjar dagger. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

A Master Craftsman Makes the Perfect Dagger (Video)

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In Oman, the possession of a khanjar is a matter of tradition and pride for men. These curved daggers, tracing their origins to the 16th or 17th century, have evolved from mere weapons to exquisite symbols of cultural significance. A true artisan in this craft, Mohammed Abdullah Ismail Al Sayegh, operates from his Sur-based workshop, meticulously fashioning these iconic blades. With a rich heritage of family heirlooms and ceremonial wear, the khanjar is more than an accessory—it encapsulates history.

Ismail Al Sayegh, a master of his craft, doesn't merely forge daggers; he weaves stories and heritage into each intricately handcrafted piece. His dedication is evident in his commitment to crafting khanjars tailored to each customer's desires, ensuring that every blade reflects both tradition and individuality. With reverence for the past and an eye towards the future, Ismail Al Sayegh's work embodies Oman's cultural legacy, epitomizing the mastery of a craftsman in perfecting the art of the dagger.

Top image: Khanjar dagger. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

By Robbie Mitchell

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