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Mesa Verde Cliffside Dwellings. Source:  Patrick Jennings / Adobe Stock.

The Thriving Civilizations of Mesa Verde's Cliffside Dwellings (Video)

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Nestled in the rugged landscapes of Southwest Colorado lies a historical treasure that offers a glimpse into the lives of prehistoric Pueblo Indians. The Mesa Verde National Park, established in 1906, boasts of over 4,400 archaeological sites, with the cliff palace on Chapin Mesa being one of the most iconic. This multi-story palace, built from sandstone and mud mortar, comprises 150 rooms and is perched precariously on the side of a cliff, a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the ancestral Pueblo and culture.

For almost 700 years, from the 6th to the 12th centuries, these Native Americans thrived in this area, constructing elaborate villages on the mesa tops, canyons, and cliffs. Today, some 24 Native American tribes consider Mesa Verde their ancestral home. Join us as we take a journey through time and explore the magnificent cliffside dwellings that make Mesa Verde a national treasure.

Top image: Mesa Verde Cliffside Dwellings. Source:  Patrick Jennings / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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I’m a graduate of History and Literature from The University of Manchester in England and a total history geek. Since a young age, I’ve been obsessed with history. The weirder the better. I spend my days working as a freelance... Read More

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