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Deer Dance, Mexico. (Public Domain)

Guatemala’s Ancient Deer Dance of the Gods (Video)

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Mayan dances hold a significant place in Guatemalan history and religion, with the ancient ritual of the deer dance playing a particularly pivotal role. Celebrated on the Feast of Corpus Christi, a major Catholic holiday observed on May 31st across Central and South American countries, the deer dance is a tradition filled with ritual. In Guatemala, particularly in the village of Patzún, locals come together to perform this dance, a tradition that extends far back into history.

The deer dance is a representation of a deer hunt, intending to illustrate the coexistence of humans and other animals in nature throughout history. For over 20 years, Juan Yool Gómez has been participating in this dance, embodying the age-old tradition that transcends time. The deer dance forms a bridge between the past and the present, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Guatemala and keeping the ancient Mayan traditions alive.

Top image: Deer Dance, Mexico. (Public Domain)

By Joanna Gillan

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Joanna Gillan is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. 

Joanna completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree in Australia and published research in the field of Educational Psychology. She has a rich and varied career, ranging from teaching... Read More

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