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Facial reconstruction of Joan of Arc. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Royalty Now Studios.

Joan of Arc: How Did She Really Look? (Video)

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Despite her fame Joan of Arc’s appearance remains shrouded in mystery due to the absence of contemporary depictions. Efforts to digitally reconstruct her likeness based on a statue from Orleans and historical descriptions present an intriguing challenge. Joan's iconic image is conjured from a 15th-century statue that is widely speculated to represent her, though this conjecture is unconfirmed. Heightening the intrigue is the scarcity of concrete evidence about her appearance. Her physical characteristics are known to a certain extent: she stood at a modest five feet two inches, possessed a short neck, and exhibited a muscular build.

Her short, dark hair became an inspiration for the bob haircut popularized in the early 1900s. In contrast to the fair complexions of French nobility, Joan's peasant upbringing rendered her with a more tan complexion. Notably, her prominent, slightly spaced eyes are mirrored in the statue, which further fuels the speculation of its connection to her. While the color of her eyes remains a mystery, it is conjectured that they matched her dark hair. Joan's demeanor was described as pleasant and non-pious, which guided the reconstruction to exude curiosity rather than solemnity. In the absence of definitive records, this portrayal offers a glimpse into the visage of the Maid of Orleans, bridging the divide between history and artistry.

Top image: Facial reconstruction of Joan of Arc. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Royalty Now Studios.

By Robbie Mitchell

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