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Egyptian pharaoh. Source: Ivan / Adobe Stock.

How Egyptian Pharaohs Projected Divine Power (Video)


For centuries, the imposing monuments of Giza have fascinated people from all over the world. From the Great Sphinx of Giza, with its massive stature and enigmatic smile, to the sun temple of Pharaoh Nyuserre, which was built to elevate him to godhood, and of course, the pyramids, these monuments are a testament to the might and power of the pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt. These structures were not just symbols of wealth and grandeur, but also of divine power. The pharaohs believed themselves to be gods on earth, and they sought to project this image through their monumental constructions. However, despite the pharaohs' immense power and influence, their reigns were not without their struggles, as drought and financial hardships led to declining loyalty from their subjects, which made these displays of godhood more important than ever.

Despite the many years of study and exploration, the secrets of these structures continue to elude us. In recent years, archeologists have been trying to uncover the mysteries of the pyramid age, to understand the techniques and tools used by the ancient builders, and to reveal the stories behind these lost treasures of Egypt.

Top image: Egyptian pharaoh. Source: Ivan / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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