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Part of the archaeological site of ancient Corinth in Peloponnese, Greece. Source:   dinosmichail/Adobe Stock

The Fascinating History of Ancient Corinth (Video)


Ancient Corinth, strategically positioned between Athens and Sparta, traces its roots to mythical narratives and archaeological evidence dating back to around 6500 BC. Founded by legendary figures such as Corinthos, said to be descended from Zeus, or Sisyphus, the city evolved into a thriving center of trade and power.

Under the rule of tyrants like Periander, Corinth experienced both prosperity and despotism. Periander's ambitious projects, including the construction of the Diolkos, a paved trackway facilitating maritime trade, underscored the city's strategic significance. Corinth's cultural and artistic achievements flourished during this period, with notable contributions to literature, philosophy, and the arts.

Corinth's involvement in pivotal historical events shaped the course of ancient Greek history. It contributed forces to crucial battles, such as Thermopylae and Salamis, during the Persian Wars. Later, it played a role in the Peloponnesian War, aligning with various factions to secure its interests.

Following periods of autonomy and resurgence, Corinth succumbed to Roman dominance. Julius Caesar's reconstruction efforts revived the city, transforming it into a thriving Roman metropolis adorned with grandiose temples, basilicas, and amphitheaters.

Ancient Corinth's intricate tapestry of myth, conquest, and political intrigue reflects the complexities of ancient Greek civilization. Despite its eventual decline and transformation under Roman rule, its legacy endures as a testament to its enduring influence on history.

Top image: Part of the archaeological site of ancient Corinth in Peloponnese, Greece. Source:   dinosmichail/Adobe Stock

By Robbie Mitchell

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