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Abraham ready to sacrifice his son Isaac. Source: Stig Alenas / Adobe Stock.

Biblical Myth or Historical Fact? Child Sacrifice in the Age of Abraham (Video)


Was the bible story of Abraham and Isaac inspired by real religious traditions? Recent archaeological excavations in Israel may be evidence of child sacrifice in ancient Israel. The excavations have revealed an abundance of pottery remnants, which were used for various purposes, including holding the remains of infants. These findings have shed light on the religious practices of the early inhabitants of the Holy Land and have raised questions about the story of Abraham and Isaac.

According to the Book of Genesis, God demanded that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac, putting his faith to the test. Scholars have long debated the symbolism and historical accuracy of this story, but the discovery of child sacrifices in the region at the time of Abraham adds a new dimension to the debate. Are these pottery remnants proof of child sacrifice in the Holy Land? And if they are how does it change our understanding of one of the bible’s most controversial stories?

Top image: Abraham ready to sacrifice his son Isaac. Source: Stig Alenas / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



Considering that infant mortality rates were quite high in ancient times, applying Occam's razor would suggest that was a more rational explanation. Also, absolutely no evidence of any sacrifical ritual . What a complete beat up!

All adults who believe children are not sacrificed for religious purposes by the neo-Canaanites who run the World today have already sacrificed much to convenience, including the truth.

This World runs on sacrifice. And cowardice. Famous entertainers, politicians, journalists and, most likely, even some historians and archaeologists have attended child sacrifices.

It was expected of me too, many years ago. Had I done so, the World would have been my oyster and Hell my ultimate destination.

Why didn't I simply tell the police?

Senior police frequent such events. Lawyers and judges too. Feel free to fill in the gaps...

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