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Chania Lighthouse, Crete. Source: Matthew / Adobe Stock.

The Ancient Lighthouse of Chania was a Beacon for Greek Ships (Video)


The historic Lighthouse of Chania has proudly stood along the Cretan coast for centuries, serving as a vital beacon for Greek ships navigating treacherous waters. The Odyssey, an ancient epic, vividly describes the fierce storms that have long plagued these seas, instilling fear in the hearts of sailors and leaving their sails in tatters. Built approximately 500 years ago, this lighthouse relied on a simple naked flame to guide ships safely to shore. Its significance cannot be overstated, for Crete was a thalassocracy, a maritime power of its time. The responsibility of lighting this beacon was formidable, ensuring the safe passage of vessels in and out of the harbor.

Standing as one of the oldest lighthouses still in existence, this structure offers a glimpse into history. Its enduring presence reminds us of the courage and determination required by mariners from millennia ago. The lighthouse's current state, quivering as it does, evokes a visceral sensation of the challenges faced by those who tended this ancient flame. As we contemplate this remarkable historical artifact, we are reminded of its critical role in guiding countless sailors to safety. Top of Form

Top image: Chania Lighthouse, Crete. Source: Matthew / Adobe Stock.

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