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The Black Plague. Source: illustrissima / Adobe Stock.

How You Could Have Survived the Black Plague (Video)

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Surviving the Black Plague in the 14th-century Europe necessitated avoiding crowded areas, curtailing the spread of the Bubonic plague through airborne transmission. Keeping a safe distance from coughing individuals was crucial. Equally important was steering clear of flea-infested rodents, which transmitted the bubonic plague through bites. Maintaining a distance greater than two meters from these potential disease vectors was an important precaution. Extreme measures like boarding up infected houses, as implemented in Milan, contributed to significantly lower mortality rates. Pope Clement IV's innovative approach of sitting in a ring of fire served as a deterrent to rats and potential human carriers.

Some survivors owed their lives to robust immune systems, underscoring the significance of personal health. Furthermore, the plague exhibited seasonality, with increased activity during warmer months. This led some individuals to seek refuge in colder regions, such as Norway, where the disease was less prevalent during winter. In a time when medical knowledge was limited, surviving the Black Plague depended on practical precautions, a touch of good fortune, and occasionally, a resolve to continue living life to the fullest despite the looming threat.

Top image: The Black Plague. Source: illustrissima / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



In a time when medical knowledge was ignored and falsified, surviving Covid depended on a resolve to continue living life to the fullest despite the looming threat of totalitarianism in a planned, fake pandemic.

We are so much cleverer now than we were in Medieval times... Then, people dressed up like corvids to survive the plague. Today, they dress up as if Covid was the plague.

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